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It’s no secret that pets bring us happiness. Caring for a pet can help our mental health in so many ways. Reducing anxiety, providing companionship, increasing your physical activity to name just a few.

Pets provide a sense of comfort, unconditional companionship and according to research, interactions with your pet increases the feel-good chemical, oxytocin, which lifts your spirits.

From children to seniors, pets are invaluable. Scientists have explored the connection between pets and mental health and as a result, animal-assisted therapy programs have become a vital part of mental health treatment. Pets help us to become more mindful and help us to be present in the moment.

Aside from the long list of mental health benefits, it goes without saying that pets need to be taken care of everyday. This results in us building healthy habits and structure.

Simply petting a pet lowers your heart rate and provides a sense of calmness in the usual hustle and bustle of life. Our furry friends also allow us to spend more time in nature. From riding a horse to taking your dog to the local park, caring for pets is a great form of exercise and encourages us to explore the outdoors.

This curated collection highlights the beauty of pet companionship.


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