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Love sculpture by Robert Indiana in NYC
Randy Duchaine / Alamy Stock Photo

Explore incredible imagery as we take a look at the 3 most popular image categories on our website right now. We’ve looked at what our customers have been viewing over the last 3 months and have created this blog to make sure you don’t miss out on discovering the most-loved images in our collection.


Go on a voyage of discovery with our handpicked collection of rural and urban landscapes from across the world. Our landscapes category has a huge range of images covering different terrains, weather conditions, times of day, land and water, so you’ll find the perfect image for your project.

organic farm south east Poland
Marek Piotrowski / Alamy Stock Photo
drift ice pack ice ice field actic ocean Treibeis Packeis Eisfeld Arktis Ozean Svalbard Spitzbergen Norway / Alamy Stock Photo
Sunset at Mother point, south rim, Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona, USA). HDR technique.
Ivan Kuzmin / Alamy Stock Photo


Our abstract category is an exploration of colours, shapes and textures that are ideal for use in loads of creative projects. You’ll find inspiration for backgrounds, ideas for making an impact using colour and creative takes on everyday items.

A Brooding Matrix Pattern
Serge Kozak / Alamy Stock Photo
Close up of spaghetti over head view of noodles
Jim Corwin / Alamy Stock Photo
Chiang Mai, Thailand. 24th November 2012. Khom Loy Lanterns at the Yee Peng Sansai Floating Lantern Ceremony, part of the Loy Kratong celebrations in homage to Lord Buddha at Maejo, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Paul Brown / Alamy Stock Photo


You’ll find every type of love in our curated love image category. From couples in love, to families enjoying each other’s company and lovable pets, this is the perfect place to look for images that depict happiness. Get your daily dose of love!

Toddler girl hugging her cat.
vicky kasala / Alamy Stock Photo
Close up of hand squeezing skin. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.
Ikon Images / Alamy Stock Photo
Bride and groom in traditional Indian wedding clothing with henna tattoos
Blend Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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