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Stock photography timeline – Second Edition

We’re back with the second edition of our Stock Photography Timeline! Click here to see it now.

Get an insight into the history of stock photography and discover the journey photography has taken with our stock photo timeline.

We asked for your help and you delivered…

In July 2016 we reached out to you to help us complete the first version of our stock photography timeline. As expected, loads of you got involved to share your expert knowledge with us, and we’re pleased to announce that the second edition of our stock photo timeline is here!

What’s new?

We’ve introduced 10 brand new additions to the timeline, covering everything from the founding of Robertstock in 1920 all the way through to the launch of Adobe Stock and Mega Agency in 2016. The new additions have helped us to give a complete overview of the stock industry and how it’s changed over the years.

Get involved!

We know there’s a chance that we might have missed some key milestones in history, or there might be new entries to the stock photo industry over the coming months. And here’s where you come in! We want to hear from you if you notice anything you’ve missed or when you hear about new and upcoming photography milestones, so we can come back with a bigger and better third edition!

Share this infographic with your fellow photographers, colleagues, friends and image buyers and we’ll continue to take your suggestions on board and keep the timeline up to date. It’s easy to share, just click here to see the timeline and click ‘Download’ on the pdf.

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