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Boy (2-3) playing with toys in bath
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“What do you want me to upload?” – the most common question we get asked at Alamy by contributors. We want to answer this more accurately and so, we’re looking more closely at what is already in our collection and trying to dig a bit deeper and understand the make-up of it. From this, our aim is to give you as many details about what customers are looking for but haven’t been able to find recently…

This month we’re focussing on lifestyle imagery. The term ‘lifestyle’ within stock photography industry has become synonymous with model released people. It mainly aims to capture people (models) in everyday situations in an artistic way but making it look like everyday life.

The trend is still very much focused on natural, authentic, real looking imagery so we want to see less perfect looking models and more of a gritty and raw feel to the image. Think about the living room being a mess, toast crumbs on the breakfast table, or perhaps the kids aren’t wearing clean clothes if they’re playing in the garden or park.

Below is a list of shoot ideas to fill gaps in the Alamy collection…

  • Two families coming together (step children, brothers and sisters).
  • Stay at home Dad (typical role reversal).
  • Men socialising (not at the pub – perhaps at the park with their children).
  • Kids on technology.
  • Child dressed as a vet holding stuffed toy.
  • Professional mother at work who has picked up child’s lunchbox or school bag instead of hers or has a toy sticking out of her bag.
  • Child dressed as a vet holding stuffed toy.
  • Four children (two girls/two boys) playing a board game and laughing.
  • Pregnant Asian lady/couple in nursery (holding baby clothes, preparing for baby’s birth etc.)
  • Potty training process (with and without a parent in the shot).
  • Two families building something.
  • Family group playing in the park ideally including pet dog (football, running around etc.)
  • Every day, natural images taken at night or dusk (cooking in the kitchen, at an evening yoga class etc.)
  • Sticking a generic reminder note on the fridge.
  • Woman swimming in the pool, photographed from above.
  • Mixed age groups dancing. Believable as a ‘works do’.
  • Up to date technology lifestyle.
  • Youth culture and lifestyles (positive feel).
  • Point of view lifestyle.
  • Inspiring extreme sports (mountain biking, surfing, rock climbing).
  • Breaking stereotypes (girls doing martial arts for example).
  • People running (must look realistic and not posed).
  • Simple/sustainable living (eco living, smart homes etc.)
  • Youth culture and lifestyles shown in a positive way.
  • Authentic shopping.
  • Authentic food prep in the kitchen.
  • Green living/Green city living.
  • Family/Couple on safari.
  • Rudimentary science (at home, for kids).
  • People in period dress (Victorian, 1940s, 1970s etc.) but not archival imagery. Current, art directed shoots with period costumes.
  • Images of mother and child/family/people walking along a road who look like refugees
  • Baby boomers being active.
  • Martin Parr type imagery, but model released. Candid shots of people on the beach etc. Not posed and not all smiling etc.
  • Beautifully shot lifestyle images of Asian people – over the age of 60.
  • Beautiful, high key, black and white studio portraits: ideally of an African man staring into camera. Serious and confident.
  • Students with technology – the technology pictured needs to be up to date.
  • Older hipster people in situ (not in studio).
  • A toddler walking amongst other toddlers who are crawling.
  • A group of runners racing with a motorbike in the lead.
  • A group of runners racing with a person on a horse in the lead.
  • Acrobats/dancers, swinging in the air on trapeze, or performing.
  • Overweight models in non-food or diet orientated scenarios. Full length or waist up, portraits not looking at camera.

Lifestyle in the UK

  • Ethnic families in the UK (or domestic setting that looks like UK) watching TV, playing a game, eating a meal etc.
  • Showing a family member with a disability, UK centric.
  • School sports day.
  • Mum or Dad doing ‘the school run’.
  • Teenagers getting off the school bus in school uniform.
  • Lifestyle images of political views (Brexit, fox hunting, pro-choice etc.)
  • Community groups e.g. neighbourhood/housing estate/council housing (positive feel and with diversity in terms of age, gender and ethnicity).
  • People in poor living situations or from poorer backgrounds (positive feel).
  • Families around tables in pub gardens (drinking/eating).

Lifestyle in the US

  • American ethnic diversity (e.g. Hispanic, Central/South American).
  • American looking people in everyday situations.
  • Seniors making a salad.
  • Seniors in the bank.
  • Seniors walking on the beach.
  • American war re-enactments.
  • Social/low income housing.
  • Social/low income communities (e.g. playgrounds).
  • People walking down a forest path in Illinois.
  • A car driving by farmland in Illinois.

Lifestyle in Germany

  • General German lifestyle.
  • People shopping – both online (e-retail) and in store.
  • People at the bank.
  • Eurocentric people/family/friends.

Lifestyle in Australia and New Zealand

  • Grass roots rugby – kids playing.
  • Outdoor living – camping, beach, BBQ etc.
  • Everyday life – families, dog walking etc.
  • Cowboys around a campfire.
  • Driving with dog in Ute.
  • Herding sheep/cattle in Outback Australia.


  • Gender.
  • Sexuality.
  • Millennials (not necessarily ‘hipster’ style).
  • Age (mature people doing ‘cool’ things or older people with carers).
  • Race (Middle Eastern, Asian and Afro-Caribbean).
  • Middle Eastern, Caucasian and Hispanic family portraits with no bare arms and no touching/hugging/intimacy for the Middle Eastern market.
  • Disabilities in the workplace and everyday life (not being highlighted or shown as a victim).
  • Transgender people in a multicultural setting.

Instructional images (tip: use tags like sequence, step by step etc.)

  • Cooking.
  • Arts and crafts.
  • DIY.
  • Gardening.
  • Upcycling.

So…there you go! Lots for you to be getting on with. I’ll be back next month covering another category and in the meantime you can keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@AlamyContent) for more #AlamyPicNeeds and hot trends. We post them every day.

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