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Are you looking for ideas of what to shoot? For this month’s stock photo requests we’re focussing on business, technology and education. Images with people should have a relaxed and natural style, nothing overly posed and model and property releases are always preferable where you can get them.

Below is a list of shoot ideas to fill gaps within the Alamy collection…


  • Women in high-powered roles.
  • Business women with laptop on knees, shot from above with light background (not cut out).
  • Natural business shots of people in Africa (not African American).
  • Natural business shots of people in Kazakhstan.
  • People working at a tech start-up in Illinois.
  • Older people starting up their own business.
  • Business start-ups.
  • Small businesses.
  • Green businesses.
  • Cooperative businesses.
  • Up to date modern business meetings (don’t necessarily have to be in an office environment, could be a walking meeting).
  • Valuation office agency.


  • Broken technology.
  • Smart home technology (e.g. Google Home, Amazon Echo, Alexa).
  • Driverless cars.
  • Computer screen illuminated at night, no people in the room – wide crop.
  • Images that demonstrate technology (futuristic, cloud technology, software, AI and VR etc). Beautiful clean, graphic shots, commercially usable but no cut outs, not cheesy, no digital manipulation.
  • Solar roof on a Tesla.
  • Flexible solar cell.

Technology is constantly being updated, new products are launched every day so there are always gaps to be filled but the above are a few we’ve specifically been asked for by customers that we’ve not been able to fill.


  • Remote Access School with modern equipment, the teacher must be interacting with the student on-screen.
  • Australian indigenous children in the classroom.
  • Students/classes at Cape Cod School of Art, Massachusetts.
  • BTEC students.
  • Wycombe High School, UK.
  • Emirati students graduating.

English language teaching (ELT)/schools photo shoot guidelines – nowadays more and more educational publishers are trying to make their textbooks as multicultural and usable to as wide an audience as possible.

Below is a list of shoot guidelines to make your images as attractive to educational buyers as you can…

General guidelines

  • No jewellery on children or teens.
  • No religious symbols.
  • No company logos.
  • No swear words.
  • No smoking or alcohol (or the idea/suggestion of it).
  • Cyclists/skateboarders/roller skaters should all wear helmets, pads and preferably gloves – even street skaters.
  • Less facial hair on men, preferably clean shaven.
  • No earrings on men.

Clothing on girls/women

  • Shoulders need to be covered by short sleeves or longer.
  • No vests or strappy tops (if you’re shooting someone with a strappy top/no sleeves you could put a cardigan on and shoot a couple more for an ELT alternative).
  • Skirts/shorts should be at or below the knee.
  • No cleavage visible (e.g. shirts/tops/dresses need to have a high enough neckline not to show cleavage or bare chest flesh).
  • Clothing shouldn’t be too tight (e.g. no tight tops that show the bust or tight leggings that give too much definition to the legs or bottom unless in a sports situation).
  • Sports clothing should have as little flesh on show as possible.


  • Boys and girls/men and women shouldn’t be touching and preferably there should be space between them, not standing too close.
  • When shooting photos with different genders, for example a boy and a girl talking in the school corridor, they shouldn’t look like they’re flirting!

Muslim markets

  • All of the above, although even less flesh visible on women.
  • No dogs in the house.
  • No touching dogs.
  • No touching food/eating or drinking with the left hand.
  • No pork or pork products.

We’re also seeing an increasing demand (in the educational publishing market) for children under the age of 16 to be model released.

So…there we have it, another batch for you to be getting on with. I’ll be back in November covering another category or two. In the meantime you can keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@AlamyContent) for more #AlamyPicNeeds and hot trends. We post them every day.

If you’re uploading to fill any of these gaps then let us know in the comments below or tweet us!

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