Stock Photo Requests – March 2017

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Looking for ideas of what to shoot? This month we’ve grouped client searches into two key themes. The list has come from what our paying customers want or gaps we’ve spotted in the collection when we’re searching.

Leave us a comment if you’re going to photograph any of these subjects or will be uploading something you already have on file!

Top tips

Model and property released content where relevant
Images with people should have a natural style

Key themes

Travel and places
General stock

General stock

  • Middle Eastern, Caucasian and Hispanic family portraits with no bare arms and no touching / hugging / intimacy for the Middle Eastern market
  • Old Australiana TV Show stills i.e. Neighbours and Home and Away
  • Overhead of businesswoman from above, laptop on knee, light background (not cut out)
  • Posed portraits of celebrities (not many photographers will have permission to sell this kind of thing)
  • Students and classes at Cape Cod School of Art, Massachusetts
  • UK homes at night. Cosy, warm and clean images. Some detail images (e.g. lamp lit on table shot through window) and some pulled back
  • UK homes both exterior and interior
  • Wavy guitar strings

Travel and places


  • Aerial shot of London, with the Shard, London Bridge station and City Hall in view


  • Duomo in Milan without scaffold and with the financial district behind



  • Uinta Mountains


  • Saint Anthony Sand Dunes
  • Moon National Monument and Preserve


  • Aerial Lunar Crater


  • Aerial Sand to Snow National Monument

Atlantic Canada

  • Battle Harbor
  • L’Anse aux Meadows and Norse history
  • Mingun Archipelago

Australia/New Zealand

  • Norfolk Island – lies between Australia and New Zealand


  • Providencia (aerial shots)
  • San Andrés Island (aerial shots)
  • Georgetown, Cayman Islands
  • Alejandro de Humboldt National Park


  • Danube river meeting the Black Sea

Other top tips for making sales

  • Think about copy space – where is the designer going to place the copy?
  • Edit well before you upload – be a harsh critic of your own work!
  • Remember how important keywording is, you could have the best images the world has ever seen but if the words are not there they’ll never be found.

If you’re new to Alamy find out how to get started over on our contributor pages.  If you take great photos with your iPhone then download our mobile app Stockimo and for photojournalists you can also send us your live news pictures via your smartphone.


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