Stock Photo Requests – June 2017

Woman taking photograph of view, Bagan Archaeological Zone, Buddhist temples, Mandalay, Myanmar
Cultura RM / Alamy Stock Photo

Looking for ideas of what to shoot? This month’s stock photo requests include specifics for a few key themes and a “general stock” section. The list has come from things our paying customers are looking for as well as any gaps we’ve spotted in the collection.

Leave us a comment if you’re going to photograph any of these subjects or will be uploading something you already have on file!

Images should be model/property released where relevant and naturally captured.

Key themes:

  • UK
  • Reportage
  • Greeting cards
  • Travel and places
  • General stock


  • UK based community groups. Could be based in a library, neighbourhood or housing estate. Needs to be diverse in terms of age, gender and ethnicity
  • People in poor living situations within the UK but with a positive feel
  • People living in council housing estates in the UK


  • Featurette to show a woman (American) doing something amazing. The woman in the frame must have a compelling story you can add to the submission

Greeting cards

  • Black and white archive content showing kids being silly
  • Graduation / celebration. More creative than just mortar boards, nothing too cheesy (with and without people)
  • Father’s day concepts (with and without people)
  • Animal humour

Travel and places

  • Exterior of the Kellogg School of Management, at North-western University in Chicago, Illinois
  • Residents in Arviat, Hudson Bay, Canada (especially school kids looking happy)
  • Scandinavian cabin surrounded by heaps of snow (shouldn’t look like an American log cabin)
  • Villa Cetinale in Siena, Italy

General stock

  • Mantelpiece (RF) with clock or souvenirs decorating it
  • People on the beach or at the seaside, needs to be candid and look unposed (avoid people smiling)
  • Woman’s head and shoulders as a silhouette (subject should be completely in a shadow)
  • Authentic courtroom scenes (doesn’t have to be real life but should look genuine if set up)
  • Medical examples of Varices and Angiodysplasia

If you’re new to Alamy, find out how to get started over on our contributor pages. Attention photojournalists – you can now send us your live news pictures via your smartphone!

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