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White sofa, coffee table, metal shelf with decorations and three clocks on the blue wall in living room interior
Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Alamy Stock Photo

We always get questions from contributors about what type of content to upload. We’ve been compiling requests from customers and for this month’s stock photo requests we’re looking at the theme of ‘Architecture and Interiors’. This subject has potential for all photographers, with some of the gaps listed possible to fill without leaving the comfort of your own home.  As with previous lists of requests these come directly from our customers or gaps that we have spotted in the collection so its a great chance to get your images seen by the customers that need them. If you find a subject that takes your fancy but not sure how to shoot it, our recent blog gives 10 tips for improving your interiors photography and methods to achieving a successful image. Have a look, get creative and see if you can fill some of these gaps.


  • Teepee inspired huts (2016) – Architect Issei Suma
  • Garden and House (2013) – Architecture firm: SANAA
  • Double Helix House – Architect: Onishimaki + Hyakudayuki:
  • Tower of Winds – Architect: Toyo Ito
  • Bird’s Nest and House – Architect: Hiroshi Nakamura
  • The Church on the Water – Architect: Tadao Ando
  • Images of Wigan Hippodrome Theatre, including shots of posters or handbills from the Theatre.
  • Exterior of property released UK houses at night. Cosy, warm and clean images including detail shots (ie lamp lit on table shot through window) as well as some wider views.
  • Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge – Beijing
  • ‘Big Ben’ Replica –  Kolkata
  • Chennai Central Prison
  • Gospin Dolac Stadium – Croatia
  • Lakhta Centre – St Petersburg
  • Seagram Building Four Seasons –  New York
  • Exteriors of the Kellogg School of Management – Chicago
  • Computer shop. To indicate it’s a computer shop, there’s a sign above the door with a PC and mouse. (no text)
  • Cinema. To indicate it’s a cinema, there’s a sign above the entrance with a bag of popcorn, a big fizzy drink and 3D glasses. (no text)
  • Restaurant. To indicate it’s a restaurant, there’s a sign above the entrance with a plate and cutlery. (no text)
  • Supermarket. To indicate it’s a shopping centre, there’s a sign above the entrance with a shopping trolley full of fruit and vegetables. (no text)
  • Bookshop. To indicate it’s a bookshop, there’s a sign above the door with an open book. (no text)
  • Shopping centre. To indicate it’s a shopping centre, there’s a sign above the entrance with 3-4 fancy shopping bags. (no text)



  • Modern, contemporary, property released interiors and exteriors. Pops of colour, fresh, clean etc
  • Authentic ‘Real life’ interiors with inspirational ideas i.e. giant letters on the wall of the hall, brightly coloured wall that changes the look of a room
  • Australian Housing and Interior Design – Property released i.e.  modern clean looking interiors, timber frame houses and outdoor residential
  • NON UK/US interior
  • Conference and meeting rooms on a cruise ship


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