Stock Photo Requests – April 2017

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Looking for ideas of what to shoot? This month’s stock photo needs consist of some general stock and a few key areas for anyone who specializes in these categories. The list has come from things our paying customers want or any gaps we’ve spotted in the collection.

Also this month: Mobile photography has been trending, in particular for our gardening and crafts section. So if you take great photos with your iPhone and want to submit them, download our mobile app Stockimo.

Leave us a comment if you’re going to photograph any of these subjects or will be uploading something you already have on file!

Images should be model/property released where relevant and naturally captured.

Key themes:

  • General stock
  • Gardening and crafts
  • Technology
  • Places and destinations

General stock

  • Potty training with and without parent in pic
  • Mature looking hipster people (not in studio)
  • Hunting chimpanzees trapping a colobus monkey
  • Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon aka Bunny Mellon

Gardening and crafts

  • Trendy small designer gardens and patio areas in the UK
  • Amateur gardeners doing tasks in the garden (planting, pruning, potting, seeding, etc.). Can be with just hands visible – sequence from the same shoot would be great too
  • Upcycling ideas (how to use everyday objects as design features in a garden)


  • New technology such as A.I. and V.R. Photos should be clean and graphic for commercial use. No cut outs, not cheesy or manipulated
  • Students with up to date technology

Places and destinations

  • Christmas in Australia at home or in public space
  • Spring racing in Australia – Melbourne Cup Race (aka the race that stops the nation)
  • Children in Australian school uniform (hats, short sleeved shirts, dresses and shorts)
  • Indigenous children in Australian classroom
  • Indigenous community from Australia not dressed in ceremonial clothing
  • Jarmo settlement in the foothills of Zagros Mountains, Iraq
  • Wuzhi Mountain area in China
  • Art conservationist applying Nano-lime to preserve a Mayan structure, mural or painting

If you’re new to Alamy, find out how to get started over on our contributor pages. Attention photojournalists – you can now send us your live news pictures via your smartphone!

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