Speed through QC with our Photoshop cheat sheet

Use Adobe Photoshop to avoid the most common Quality Control (QC) failure reasons…download our handy cheat sheet here.

From a recent survey, we know that a lot of you use Photoshop to process your images and get them ready for uploading to Alamy. We’ve put together a printable PDF, listing the most common QC failure reasons and a guide to how you can fix them quickly and easily using Adobe Photoshop.

You’ll also find information on where to add your captions and tags. If you have this information embedded within your images then they’ll go on sale with your default pseudonym and license type once they’ve passed QC.

We’ve included shortcuts (where available) to help speed up your workflow.

If you prefer to use Lightroom or use a mixture of Photoshop and Lightroom then you can download our handy Lightroom PDF here.

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