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Measuring expectations
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We recently sent out a survey to the many contributors who had contacted our Contributor Relations team in the last 6 months.  Over 700 of you responded which gives us a really nice pool of data, so if you were one of those – thank you!

We really wanted to find out what you thought of the service you received from our team in order to try and pinpoint where we could be doing even better. We also wanted to feel warm and fuzzy about the things we do right. We constantly strive to make sure we provide the best service in the business which means we can’t get complacent. That’s why survey’s like this are really helpful to make sure we don’t have any blind spots.

This blog will pick out some headline stats from some of the key questions but for the several hundred of you that added additional comments and thoughts please rest assured that every single one will be read, considered and (where appropriate) acted upon if it’s highlighted a perceived issue.

Overall satisfaction

Nearly 80% of you told us that you were very satisfied or satisfied with the level of service you received from Contributor Relations. We were delighted to discover that the vast majority of respondents felt like their needs were met, and for the remaining 20% who said they were less than satisfied, we’re checking back through our notes to see where we could’ve been better.

Would you recommend us to a friend?

Yes! Well 85% of you would. There’s nothing better than a personal recommendation and it’s been a key part of how our contributor base has grown over the years. Maybe the other 15% of you didn’t want any more competition (!) but we also know that Alamy can’t be a great fit for everyone. That said, we’d love this figure to be even higher and will be working towards achieving that in time for the next survey. We’ll be doing this by looking at the 15% who wouldn’t recommend us and learning why.

Promptness of reply 

Getting back to you quickly is something we take very seriously here. It’s never nice having to wait ages to get answers, and we know some of our competitors struggle in this area. We’ve always thought our response times were great (average of around 30mins in UK office hours) but it was fantastic to have this confirmed with 78% of you saying that our promptness of reply was at least good or very good. We were happy with the result here but again, will work to make it even better.

Happy contributors

On every occasion I have had cause to contact Contributor Relations, I have received first class friendly and knowledgeable assistance”

“All approaches are dealt with quickly and efficiently giving contributors reassurance and confidence”

“Alamy has improved in my eyes in the past few years. Better sales, better response from contributor relations. And the submission template seems to work well.”

“I’ve very much appreciated how quickly my emails are answered! I also enjoy the personal touch. For example – I had a very large sale in January and I was worried that maybe it was a mistake so I wrote CR for some clarity and reassurance, and got a response right back not only assuring me it was all legitimate, but also congratulating me on the sale, which felt great. Thanks Alamy, I’m really happy with the service and the way Alamy is run overall. 🙂 “

“Currently, I find the experience excellent. CR is knowledgeable, quick, professional and friendly. Very well done guys!”

Highlighted issues for us to work on

We’re working our way through all the comments but we’re taking notes and there are some who felt their recent issues raised with us have not been resolved, so we’ll be addressing those directly. We were pleased to see that no big problems or common issues have been highlighted from this, however for those who have not been completely satisfied with us recently, we will definitely be looking at what we can do to fix that. For some it’s confusion around the submission process and we’ll be using information like that to make sure our help pages are improved where appropriate.

If you missed the survey but still want to give feedback on the service you receive from Alamy Contributor Relations, feel free to drop us an email. Look out for future surveys from us too, where we may do something wider about your experience of Alamy as a whole and ask for any future suggestions you may have. In the meantime, you can send us general Alamy suggestions via the appropriate section on our forum. We read and consider every single one.

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