Picking the perfect image for your trade stand

Rear view of woman wrapped in shawl with star fairy lights on beach at night
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Choose the most eye-catching images for your trade stand with our handy tips.

Whether you’ve never picked trade stand images before or are well-practiced and know what you’re looking for, we’ve put together some key pointers to help you choose the images that’ll make your trade stand come alive! What’s more, you’ll find loads of inspiring images along the way.

Key pointers:

  • Make a visual statement and create a talking point for your customers
  • Understand licencing and releases before you fall in love with an image
  • Think about the composition of the image and where the stand will be displayed
  • Printing advice
  1. Make a visual statement and create a talking point for your customers

Whether it’s a logo, colour palette or slogan that defines your brand, an image that grabs a customer’s attention can be the talking point that gets you remembered.

Some key questions to ask yourself when choosing images for a trade stand include:

What’s the purpose of the trade stand?

You might want a particular colour, subject matter or even take customers on a unique journey.

Woman with turtle, Haena beach, Kauai, Hawaii
Cultura RM / Alamy Stock Photo

How many images do you want to showcase?

A large image could be really impactful, especially if it draws people into a focal point. But if you’re wanting to make multiple statements, choosing a selection of images could be the best route for you.

Plants and trees: cactus close-up, abstract floral pattern
Sergey Skleznev / Alamy Stock Photo

Is there space for a company logo or slogan?

Often referred to as ‘blank’ or ‘negative space’ in an image, it’s important that the image you pick has plenty of room for a logo otherwise it could impact the success of your trade stand. Without a visible logo, your trade stand won’t be promoting your brand!

Sunset in a tropical paradise with palm trees and ocean
Martin Valigursky / Alamy Stock Photo

Do the colours in the image clash with your brand?

Creating a colour clash might be intentional, depending on what you want to achieve. But remember, first impressions count. Try using colours that complement your brand colours to create strong styling and raise brand awareness.

Red Star. Hole cut in cardboard, smoke machine and spotlight. The image may appear noisy, but that is the texture of the smoke.
Stocksnapper / Alamy Stock Photo
  1. Understand licencing and releases before you fall in love with an image

Correctly licencing an image is important not just because it rewards the photographer,  but also because it gives you permission to use the image. Depending on the image you choose, a property or model release might be needed in addition to the image licence.

It’s useful to know what this all means, so to help you out we’ve got a handy model and property releases infographic and a help page that covers the basics of licensing images.

Gardens by the Bay at night, Singapore.
Michal Sikorski / Alamy Stock Photo
  1. Think about the composition of the image and where the stand will be displayed

You need to make sure the image you choose not only looks great, but that it has the impact you want it to have. It’s important to think about where your stand will be positioned at the trade event, to make sure you pick an image that will work well given your positioning. We’ve picked out a few ideas to help you:

Consider objects that might block or obscure part of your image (tables in front of stand, awkward room layout etc.)

Underwater view of surfer falling through water after catching a wave on a shallow reef in Bali, Indonesia
Cultura Creative (RF) / Alamy Stock Photo

Avoid concepts that could have a negative connotation for your brand.

Bottle lying on table with water coming out
RooM the Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

Try including photography trends to show you’ve got a modern edge. You can check out some of the most popular trends in stock photography in our 2017 Image Trends report!

Hand of a man reaching out the beautiful landscape. POV shot of human hand on a sunny day.
Ammentorp Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

Always be prepared and informed. For example, if you chose the below image, someone might ask you where it was taken. It’s good to show you have knowledge of the images you’re displaying, so doing a little bit of research on the images you’ve picked would help you out!

Aerial view of Milky Way Bay, Rock Islands, Palau, Micronesia. April 2009
Nature Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo

Colours can have various influences on the customer. Stripping it back to black and white can create an authoritative and traditional impression on your audience.

Scenic View Of The Dramatic Scottish Highland Mountain Landscape And Road Of The Quiraing On The Isle of Skye, Scotland
YuriFineart / Alamy Stock Photo
  1. Printing advice

When it comes to printing images for your trade stand, it’s important to make sure you have all the right information about the size and format of the image you need. Before you get too far into the project, it’s worth asking the printers what their guidelines are. The last thing you want to do is supply incompatible images after all your hard work curating the images for your trade stand.

You can find some handy info on image file sizes over on our help page!

Need more inspiration? Check out our images for print category.

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