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Photographing Flow

Do you ever feel like you’re rushing through your tasks without really thinking about what you’re actually doing? Have you heard about Flow? It’s based on the idea of seeking ‘optimal experience’ through taking part in challenging but achievable activities that test your skills. Achieving these goals result in a sense of self-fulfilment and life satisfaction. Combined with people’s turn to mindfulness and consumers spending more on experiences over material goods, it’s worth thinking about how you can feature this rising lifestyle trend into your photography shoots. Check out this article we shared about the pioneering concept of Flow.

There are many opportunities for photographing people taking part in experiential activities from playing the piano to rock climbing. As well as the activity itself, it’s also good to photograph the positive experiences of Flow that people feel and include the shared experiences that can be enjoyed either in a team sport or in group activities in shared workspaces. As the achievable challenges are based on an individual’s skills, this is a subject that should incorporate positive imagery of every age group, young and old.

Here are some other great subjects you can use for a photography shoot to show people in a state of Flow:

Check out our curated lightbox for more ideas on what Flow can look like.

Sophie Basilevitch

Sophie is a picture researcher by trade and when not looking for images she loves to make her own through her creative pursuit as a printmaker and artist.

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