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Our Time On Earth at Barbican

It’s no secret that climate change and our place on this ever-changing planet is top of the agenda for most people. And rightly so!

Our Time On Earth seeks to shine a light on our relationship with nature from a new perspective. Curiously, the exhibition communications says that we’ve been striving to live with other species in a delicate balance.

But this is only a recent ambition. Throughout the vast majority of human history, we’ve destroyed countless flora and fauna in a bid to make nature succumb to our will. As one of the last places to be tainted by human activity, the Galapagos Island offers a rare glimpse into what kind of plants and animals we would have if humans hadn’t interfered.

That was the old days though. I like to think we’re more enlightened now, although there’s still a long way to go. Our Time On Earth offers an immersive exploration into the possible ways technology will intersect with nature, and into how humanity will forge a more harmonious relationship with nature and indeed, our planet.

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Our Time On Earth
Barbican Centre, The Curve
5 May 2022 – 29 August 2022

Matt Yau

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