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HF0G1A Aberystwyth Wales UK, Tuesday 27 December 2016 UK weather: As the sun sets dramatically at the end of a clear and freezing cold December day, tens of thousand of starlings perform dramatic murmurations over Aberystwyth before descending to crowd together and roost safely for the night on the cast iron legs underneath the town's Victorian seaside pier Although seemingly plentiful in Aberystwyth, the birds are in the RSPB?s ?red list? of at risk species, with their numbers across the UK declining by over 60% since the 1970?s photo © Keith Morris / Alamy Live News
Keith Morris / Alamy Stock Photo

Over the weekend, we were incredibly saddened to learn of the death of our long time friend, contributor and supporter, Keith Morris.

We’d like to share our deepest sympathies with his family and friends. He was an incredibly talented, smart and energetic man and this is a huge loss for all that knew him. Keith was one of Alamy’s most admired and successful photographers; his photos were regularly seen on newspaper front pages and websites around the globe. The past couple of Springs he held a workshop in Cirencester where he taught other photographers how to shoot for Alamy, giving them tips on Stock and News photographer, while inspiring them with his mantra “Shoot Local, Sell Global”. Keith rarely left his hometown of Aberystwyth in Wales, understanding that you don’t always have to travel far and wide to find the perfect shot. Never without a camera, he was able to find a story amongst the people and places close to him, a skill that few carry. 

We’re going to miss seeing new images of one of his trademark scenes – the starling murmurations over the Aberystwyth Pier. The iconic shots from Keith, usually taken at twilight during the winter months, became a staple of his and were regularly featured across the media.

He will be sorely missed by the Alamy family. Tributes have come in from far and wide, with many photographers saying that Keith was a true inspiration and the reason why they are now stock photographers.  We hope that Keith’s work continues to inspire others and we have handpicked below, a selection of his work that we admire. 

See more of his incredible portfolio on Alamy.

TCW1M6 Aberystwyth Wales UK, Monday 10 June 2019 UK Weather: The setting sun dramatically lights up the evening sky in Aberystwyth, west wales, with the mountains of the Lleyn peninsula picked out against the fiery horizon across Cardigan Bay. The west of Wales has had a mostly warm and sunny day. in contrast to the wet and windy weather experienced in much of the east and south east of England. photo credit: Keith Morris / Alamy Live News
Keith Morris / Alamy Stock Photo
W09PT3 Thursday 27th June 2019. Ffin y Parc Llanrwst North Wales UK MIST, an outdoors art installation by Sebastien Preschoux at Ffin y Parc gallery on the outskirts of Llanrwst in north wales. Woven from 14km of orange thread suspended in the trees, the work is the UK public premiere for this French artist and bursts into life in the morning sun. The project was curated by Migrations, an organization dedicated to bringing ground breaking art to Wales Photo credit Keith Morris / Alamy Live News
Keith Morris / Alamy Stock Photo
Aberystwyth, Wales, UK. 9th March, 2017. UK Weather: Dramatic underlit clouds form at sunset over the pier in Aberystwyth, at the end of a day of warm, spring sunshine on the west wales coast, with temperatures reaching the low teens centigrade photo Cred
Keith Morris / Alamy Stock Photo
Aberystwyth Wales UK, Saturday 13 August 2016 UK Weather: A Punch and Judy 'professor' drumming up an audience for his show at the annual Sea to Shore Food festival on the promenade in Aberystwyth on the west wales Coast. After a cold and windy week, the
Keith Morris / Alamy Stock Photo
The Milky Way over Wales UK: On a cold clear and frosty night, with temperatures dropping to minus 5º celsius, the Milky Way is clearly seen as a thick band of stars across the skies above the arch shaped ruins of the medieval Strata Florida (Ystrad Fflur
Keith Morris / Alamy Stock Photo


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