Keep smiling with world smile day

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Celebrate World Smile Day and do something today that makes someone smile! 

The first Friday in October marks World Smile Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of good will in the world. In 1963, commercial artist Harvey Ball created the “smiley” – the round yellow face we all know and love. To hold onto the true meaning behind the design of the smiley, he declared the start of World Smile Day in 1999, so everyone could spend at least one day a year dedicated to doing kind acts for others.

Smiling is infectious. Help us spread the word by sharing this blog and setting out to make at least one person smile today.

8 interesting facts about smiling that’ll make you feel instantly happy

1. Cracking a smile can make you happy, even if you’re faking it

A young man showing his pearl white smile
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2. Smiling can boost your immune system…

European-looking woman of 30 years is ill, a handkerchief retro
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3. Smiling is contagious, try looking at someone smiling without smiling back.

Spain, Gijon, portrait of two smiling little girls playing at rocky coast
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4. Feeling stressed? When you smile your body releases endorphins which automatically relax you…

Man lying on sofa. Image shot 2014. Exact date unknown.
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5. Smiling uses fewer muscles than frowning…it’s true!

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6. Smiling is recognised as a sign of happiness all over the world. So wherever you are in the world…smile.

A Tourist Poses For A Photograph With A Woman From The Karo Tribe, Kolcho Village, The Omo Valley, Ethiopia

7. There are 2 different types of smile. The social smile (a smile from the mouth) and the genuine smile (a smile from the eyes).

Mum and daughter laughing together
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8. Babies start smiling in the womb…how awesome is that.

Baby in a sheep hat lying on soft blanket
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Help one person smile and share the moment on Twitter using the hashtag #WorldSmileDay.

Find out more about World Smile Day on their website or give them a follow on Twitter @WorldSmileDay.

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