If you’re a photographer you should be on Alamy

EAA2YF Camera hand drawn on white background
melissa king / Alamy Stock Photo

Well what a surprise, Alamy’s Head of Content says ‘if you’re a photographer you should be on Alamy’.

Well, yes I’m bound to say that, but that ethos is behind why Alamy started and that’s underpinned our evolution.

We’ve always wanted Alamy to be a classic ‘no-brainer’ for all types of photographer and visual artist. Our submission processes cater for this diversity, providing a number of routes-in based upon the type of work produced. All photographers and illustrators are welcome here.

Here are some of the different photographer-demographics of Alamy:

  • Live news shooter – We have a news feed that is constantly  managed and hooked up to all the major news desks. We select and ping live news, sport or entertainment pictures out as well as maintaining the 24/7 available online feed.  We have a dedicated upload route for news and our team maximise the opportunity within the first 24 hrs but the images remain online for future use. Shoot the top stories and we’ll make sure the world’s publishers know about it.  Don’t just concentrate on the banner headline stories, look for parochial or quirky stories, human interests at a local level can… ahem trump bigger stories. Combat fake news and get paid!


  • Photojournalists  As an extension of the above we also do well with reportage features and stories. Alamy is a deep archive, we don’t kill these images off after the initial flurry of interest. Our secondary sales of images is a major strength and one we work hard to maintain. So get images to us early but even if you’ve distributed a story elsewhere if you can, then send it to us to build sales in the future, we’ll do our best to give them a productive second life.


  • Specialist photographers – We have predictable specialists like wildlife and travel photographers but we also have a wealth of more obscure specialists. Suspension bridges, water polo, beekeeping. If you’re a photographer with a deep passion for a subject you’ll know your stuff. You have a competitive edge and you’ll use it, your knowledge is your head start. We won’t pre-judge the popularity of your chosen specialist subject. We let the market decide, for example, sadly because of their decline through social and environmental factors, bees are big news again, a few years ago they were just bees. Alamy doesn’t specialise in anything, it specialises in everything. Share your work with us and publishers, creatives and advertisers will find it when they need it.


E45AX2 Honey bee (Apis mellifera) swarm, Germany
Nature Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo


  • Fine art photographers – I read an article recently that suggested fine art has no place in stock, that it was just beautiful useless images. I think that’s wide of the mark but what I do see is photographers expecting the imagery to sell itself. Stunning artistic work needs commercially relevant keywords to make customers aware of its value in conveying a message beyond its beauty.  Fine art photographers may never consider stock but the aesthetic appeal of their images will endure and everyone wants a great picture right? So why not dabble in stock, understand who buys work through stock and generate additional revenue for your work – or finance your desire to be a serious fine art exhibited photographer.


GJ2X50 fine art black-white portrait of male black model wearing goggles
Sebastian Matthias / Alamy Stock Photo


  • Photography students – Photography courses cannot always fully prepare you for the reality of the commercial world. Check out our 100% Students initiative to see how we can help. You’re ahead of a curve that’s bending and contorting but you have grown up familiar with this pace and divergence of change. It’s free to submit so see it as an extension of your photography education.  Are you ready for the stock photo market or perhaps more accurately, is the market ready for you ?


  • Illustrators – Illustrations are every bit as powerful as photographs in the visual storytelling world. Whether simple line drawings or more detailed vector graphics, we sell illustrations alongside stock photos at the same price points. Customers love the flexibility that the often distorted reality of illustration offers.  I wish I’d known about stock when, in a previous life I was a freelance illustrator struggling for regular revenue streams.


Businessmen putting their heads in holes in the ground.
Oivind Hovland / Alamy Stock Photo


  • Seasoned professional stock photographers –  Yes, these people do still exist, if you are one, you’ll know what I mean. As a pro, you’ll understand what’s needed, you probably have a good handle on what customers want and you’ll be structurally set up to deliver. You have your shoot programmes, your model and property releases approach is watertight and you have a firm understanding of the importance of good metadata. We represent over 600 of the worlds’s picture agencies, they count on us to deliver a solid revenue stream alongside their existing business, you should view us in the same light.


  • Mobile/smartphone photographers – coming right up to date, if you’ve built a successful mobile photography collection, how are you measuring that success? Instagram followers? Free use of your images by global brands? But are you getting paid? Turn your passion into a business or just pay for a beer or two to toast your growing online kudos and popularity. Check out the Alamy iphone app Stockimo and send us your contemporary and cool creativity.

We’re always looking at what’s next, as we did with mobile and Stockimo. Where it’s all heading is a blog for another day but expect us to evolve. We want to maintain a business that has as few barriers to entry as possible, we’ll make you welcome, treat you fairly and keep you informed. We’re growing and we’re adapting.  I have a constant that I can measure our open door policy by: can I still say…”if you’re a photographer, you really should be on Alamy” 

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