How to use images in your marketing campaigns

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Make your marketing campaigns stand out with our top tips on using images in the most effective way.

Never underestimate the power of an image

With more than 2 million blog posts published every day, the digital world we now live in has created the most competitive online arena for brands than we’ve ever seen before. It’s vital that the content we, as brands, are producing not only resonates with the audience, but stands out from the sea of other online content being published.

This 2016 study from Social Media Examiner found that 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, with 68% using images to enhance their blogs. And this figure is continuing to grow. But why is it that more and more people are including images in their marketing campaigns?

Here’s a very brief look at the science behind it…

The human brain interprets images 60,000 times faster than it does text and can get the sense of a visual scene in less than one-tenth of a second. That’s quicker than you read this sentence! Pair that with the fact 70% of your sensory receptors are located in your eyes and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and it’s no surprise that people respond more positively to visually stimulating content!

So, now we’ve got an idea of why and how images can impact our audience, let’s move on to our 5 top tips to get the most out images in your marketing campaigns…

1. Use images with copy space to boost the delivery of you message

Whether you’re promoting an offer on Facebook, sending an email out to clients or putting together an advert, images with copy space are an effective tool you need to utilise. Adding text to an image is an easy to way to deliver a to-the-point message that catches your audience’s eye. Studies have shown that use of a visual aid such as an image to deliver a message, alongside a verbal message, resulted in 65% of the information being retained. That’s up 55% on a verbal message alone!

Our awesome blog on finding and using copy space gives you all the info you need >

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2. Switch out your logo for a hi-res image of your company or product

If you’re prone to using your company logo as the main image in your content, it’s time to stop. One of the most effective ways of grabbing your readers’ attention whilst also subtly promoting your brand is to us high resolution images of your product or company! Whether you commission a photographer to take shots for you, or use a stock image library like Alamy, the key here is to make sure you’re using hi-res imagery in your campaigns.

Lo-res images or images with a watermark are absolute must-nots if you want your brand to look professional, plus without the right permissions to use the image, you could face some legal issues somewhere down the line.

For some more tips on using images to boost your business, check out our blog > 

3. Choose images that promote your brand

For a more corporate feel to your marketing campaigns, or to help to increase awareness of your brand, choose an image that incorporates your brand colours. On Alamy, you can search by colour using the hex code to filter your search results down to show just the images that feature a certain colour. You just need to click the ‘Image’ filter on the search page, and you can make sure the images you use are on-brand. This will help customers to start associating certain colours with your brand, so when they see your brand colours elsewhere, you’ll come to mind.

Learn more about our search filters in our blog ‘how to use the search filters on Alamy’ >

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4. Use images that are relevant to the message you’re delivering

Images offer a fantastic way of getting creative with your marketing. Whether you use an image on its own to get your message across, or create a catchy slogan to accompany it, if you pick the right image it can act as a visual aid for your customers to easily understand the message you are trying to put across.

Images are also a great way of breaking up big chunks of text, for example in a blog post or on a web page. Research suggests you should insert an image at least every 350 words, but if you’re going to add images into your text, make sure they’re relevant to the topic you’re discussing!

5. Use on-trend imagery

Like most things in life, what’s popular in the world of photography changes from month to month. Luckily for you, our annual Image Trends report reveals the most popular trends on in photography based on the images that our US and UK customers buy most often. One of the biggest trends across many industries right now is ‘Diversity’, and our latest trends blog gives you some ideas of how to include it in your marketing.

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