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How to find archive photos on Alamy

Brands and agencies from around the world come to Alamy for accurate, historical images that are hard to find elsewhere. That’s because we’re supported by photo agencies who are renowned for historically authentic content. Here’s how you can find that content and tell historical stories truthfully.

1. Use the ‘Date taken’ filter

If you’re looking for historical content from a certain time period, the best way to find it is with the ‘Date taken’ option in the filters panel on the left-hand side.

All you need to do is pop your search term in the search box, and then fill in the ‘date taken’ filter. This will help narrow down your search so you can find content more quickly and easily.

date taken filter

You can either pick from the time periods in the drop-down list, or pick a custom date range for your search results.

2. Discover content from history specialists

These specialist photographers and agencies boast a wide collection of historical photos on Alamy. From photos of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee to 16th century illustrations, there’s a wide range of iconic moments in history to discover. Some of our specialist photographers include:

World History Archive

Inspiring and comprehensive historical photos that cover a wide range of subjects from renaissance luminaries to 20th century scientists who changed the world forever.

North Wind Picture Archives

A selection of images that portray world history from classical civilisations to the 20th century with a focus on the lives of ordinary people.

Granger Historical Picture Archive 

This great collection includes a broad choice of archive photos, fine art and historical illustrations, so there’s plenty to discover.

Other historical specialists include:

3. Inspire your visual search with hand-picked collections

Every month, our expert picture researchers curate our best content into collections that will open your eyes. You’ll discover visuals that can lead you down a rabbit hole.

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