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How to choose the right pricing package on Alamy

We’ve put together popular pricing packages on the Alamy site to make it as easy as possible for you to buy the right license for your images. Whatever project you’re working on we’ve got a license package for you, here’s our guide to help you pick the right pricing package:

1. Personal use

If you want to buy an image for your own personal use, this is the right pricing package for you. The personal use package means you can use the image on personal prints, cards or gifts, as long as you make sure it’s for non-commercial use only and you aren’t going to sell it on to anyone.

Learn more about the personal use license here.

2. Presentation

The presentation license is perfect when you’re putting together a presentation in a tool such as Powerpoint or Keynote. If you need images to support a talk you’re giving or to illustrate the points you’re making in a presentation, this package covers you for using the images you buy in the supporting slides or materials.

Find the perfect image for your presentation now with our top tips on choosing an image for your presentation.

3. Website and online use

Whether you want to use an image on your website, social media channels or your blog, our website package is the one for you. The license covers use of an image online, worldwide for 5 years, as long as you don’t use the image for advertising purposes.

Top tip: When you’re sharing content online, always consider using a credit line to credit the source of the content – it’s just an added way of making sure people know you’ve got permission to use the image, as well as simply being courteous to the content creator. Credit lines can just give the name of the copyright holder, or even link through to the image page on a stock photography site.

Start your search today with by checking out our great blog on choosing an image for your website.

4. Use in a magazine, newsletter or book

Our magazines, newsletters and books package gives you the ability to use images inside print and digital versions of any of these items, providing the finished product will have a circulation of 2,500 or less.

Note: If you want to use an image on a front or back cover, if the distribution will be more than 2,500, or if you want to use an image for advertising purposes, you’ll to explore our rights managed options detailed in point 7.

5. Use in marketing materials for a business

We have two marketing packages available that allow use of images in marketing materials for businesses, and these are based on the size of the business. Marketing materials include any promotional content such as flyers or brochures, and exclude any paid-for advertising space.

For companies with 1-10 employees, the small business package is the choice for you, and for companies with more than 10 employees the large business package is needed.

6. Royalty-free license

If you want a specific size of image, or if you know you’ll need to use an image multiple times, purchasing a royalty-free license is a great option for you. With royalty-free, you pay for the image size that you need, so all you need to know is the dimensions you need for your project and you can pick the closest size from our list of available sizes. For more information on file sizes, check out our great help page.

7. Rights-managed license

Rights-managed licenses are ideal when you have specific usage in mind. For example, if you want to use the image for commercial purposes such as advertising, this option allows you to select all of the image use details you need. Options include how you’re going to use the image, the size of the image, the print run, the image placement and the duration of the license required, along with several other options to tailor the price to your needs.

Rights-managed licenses do require a lot of detail, so if you’re not sure if this is the best option for you, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team who’ll be happy to help you out.

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