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Promote Alamy on your website, forum or blog and for every customer you send our way, you’ll get a share of the sale amount. We’ve teamed up with Rakuten, the largest online affiliate marketing network, to bring you a quick and easy way to start making money from your site by referring your visitors to Alamy. And with our industry-leading commission rate, there’s never been a better time for you to sign up.

We have the world’s most diverse collection of images, so Alamy is the perfect place for people to come when they need an image for any type of project.

Here’s a handy 5-step guide to help you get set up on the program and start earning money:

1. Sign up with the Rakuten affiliate network

Before you can start promoting Alamy, you need to register with the affiliate network ‘Rakuten’. The application form is really straight forward, this is where you’ll need to fill out all your website, forum or blog details. Rakuten will check your website over and send you a confirmation email once you’ve been accepted.

Want to join up? Click here to fill out the Rakuten application form.

Once you’re registered with Rakuten, you’ll get an email containing your log-in details.

Some key terms you’ll come across once you’re signed up:

Publisher – this is you. The term refers to the website, blog or forum that’s promoting Alamy. Rakuten refer to promoters as ‘publishers’ across the network

CPA – this term is used network-wide to refer to the level of commission the publisher earns from each sale made via one of their links. The acronym stands for ‘Click per acquisition’, so for every customer that clicks and then buys within 30 days, you get your commission

Creative – this is the term used to describe the design of our banners – so if you ever hear us talking about a ‘new creative’, you know we’ve got some new banners for you to check out

Text links – this is the offer or description in a text format that publishers can add to their website, instead of a banner

Promotions – the exclusive offers we put in place for our publishers to promote on their sites

2. Apply to join Alamy’s affiliate program

From your Rakuten account, all you need to do is search for ‘Alamy’ and you’ll be able to request to join our affiliate program. We try our best to look at all applications within 24 hours, so once you’ve applied you won’t have to wait long for your confirmation email.

Note: If you apply on a weekend, it might take a little longer to get back to you as our affiliate team work from Monday – Friday.

3. Choose what’s right for your site

Once you’re part of the Alamy affiliate program, you’ll get access to all of our links and banners on the Rakuten website. We’ve got a range of banner designs and text links for you to choose from, so you can pick what suits your site the best.

You know what works best for your visitors, so if you have any specific requests, you can contact and our affiliate expert Sally will be happy to help.

4. Start making money

Once you’re up and running with your chosen links, your next step is to start making some sales. You’ll need to think about where you place your banners or text links to maximise your sales, so think about:

  • Placing your links and banners on pages that get lots of views, for example on your home page or on popular blog posts
  • Promoting us in your marketing emails to boost the number of people who see the promotions

For every customer that comes to Alamy via a text link or banner on your site, you’ll earn 20% of the sale for any image sales made, as long as the customer buys from us within 30 days of clicking the link. This commission rate applies to new and returning customers, so your visitors can click a link each time they buy from us and you’ll always get your commission if they buy within 30 days.

5. Keep up to date with Alamy’s links and banners

We help to keep you updated with all our latest banner designs by sending you regular email updates, so you’ll always know about any newly designed banners and exclusive affiliate promotions.

Top tip: Use new links or switch up the promotions you show on your site regularly to try and get as many sales as you can.

Got any questions? Check out our affiliate help page or get in touch with Sally our affiliate manager via or call +44 1235 844 641.

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