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Get ready for winter with Alamy

Every month we feature one of our 50 hand-picked image categories to showcase the fantastic range of images available on Alamy.  Our image categories are updated regularly to make sure you always find the freshest content to perfect your project.

With winter fast-approaching, we’ve picked out just a few of our favourite images from our Winter image category that we think set the tone for the upcoming season…

What says winter better than a close-up of a polar bear?

Close-up of Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) swimming underwater and blowing air bubbles
Contributor: Arterra Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo

We all know the feeling of thawing out our feet by the fire!

Children's feet warming at a fireplace
Contributor: MBI / Alamy Stock Photo

Nothing quite beats a snowball fight with your friends…

Portrait of friends playing in snowy field. Image shot 2013. Exact date unknown.
Contributor: Barry Diomede / Alamy Stock Photo

The chilling sight of icicles outside…

Frozen ice drips on window.
Contributor: Evan Sklar / Alamy Stock Photo

You know winter has arrived when you see your first robin

Red Robin on branch in winter.
Contributor: BANANA PANCAKE / Alamy Stock Photo

Warm up your hands with a nice hot drink

Female hands holding a cup of hot drink on rustic wooden table, close-up
Contributor: B Aldridge / Alamy Stock Photo

A sight most of us from England can relate to….rain, wellies and a whole load of puddles to splash in!

Baby walking in autumn rainy park
Contributor: Artem Rastorguev / Alamy Stock Photo

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