‘Flow-Motion’ takes travel content to the next level

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Welcome to the future.

Sometimes you see a piece of work that makes you sit down, take your hat off and simply start clapping. Not only are you wow’d by the creativity, but you’re hit with a sheer appreciation of just how much time and effort has gone into producing something of such quality.

Hyperlapse ‘Flow-Motion’ is like a super-charged timelapse video running on the kind of performance enhancing drugs that even Lance Armstrong hasn’t heard of.

This video, produced by Alamy photographer Rob Whitworth, is the result of 379 hours work which includes 179 hours worth of post processing, wrestling with an eye watering 26,014 RAW files. That’s 817.GB’s worth of data.

Projects like this represent a significant shift in how travel imagery is being presented and produced. We’re often saturated with the same images or video clips from the same destinations and landmarks. Consumers of this content are often looking for a fresh perspective or original angle – something that all producers should keep in mind. This is a great example of that – how can you give an original take on somewhere as well trodden and documented as Barcelona? Here’s how:

Just a reminder – this video is made from the stitching together of stills, not motion. It’s incredible. If you’re interested in the gear Rob used, you can check out the list in the description of the video over on Vimeo.

Check out Rob’s portfolio on Alamy.

For more info on Rob, visit his website or follow him on Twitter.

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