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Finding the newest images on Alamy

Looking for something new? Whether you’re a regular Alamy user or new to image buying, it’s always useful to know how to filter your image search results to see our latest influx of content. You might be looking for cool and on-trend concepts or compositions, up to date technology, a modern-looking office space or just something you haven’t seen before. Whatever the reason, here’s our guide to help you find all the newest content on Alamy.

Firstly, the stats…

  • Every day over 150 new photographers sign up to sell their images on Alamy – that’s a lot of new content
  • We add 65,000 new images to our website every day, so there’s always something new to see

1. Use the ‘New’ tab at the top of the search results page
If you’re looking for something specific then type in your search terms and use the ‘new’ tab at the top of the page. This will return an unedited set of results based on the date the image was uploaded.

2. Use the ‘Date Taken’ filter
If you’re looking for something a bit more creative but still want to see the newest content, use the ‘creative’ tab with our ‘date taken’ filter. You can choose images that were added anywhere between the 7 days and 2 years ago, or you can input your own custom date range.

3. Check out our ‘Latest Imagery’ pages
Not sure what type of image you want yet and just need some inspiration? Check out our latest imagery pages. Updated by our Director of Photography every other month it features some of the best new collections from both photographers and agencies.

4. Explore the Live News feed
If you’re looking for up to date red carpet images, collections from the latest sporting events or topical, newsworthy shots then try our live news feed. It’s full of images from around the world, shot in the last 24 hours by experienced photojournalists. After 24 hours these images are available alongside all our other images.

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