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Loading a Lancaster Bomber, 1942 colour photo of the iconic RAF heavy bomber bombing up before a raid on Germany. Image shot 1942. Exact date unknown.
Lordprice Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

Discover a huge selection of images to perfect your historical projects! Whatever the subject, our photographers and agencies from across the world have supplied us with images that cover a range of world history topics, from ancient civilisations to modern history. Step back in time as we explore the diverse selection of historical imagery that’s waiting to be uncovered.

In this blog we introduce you to some of our specialist historical photographers and agencies and show you where to look on Alamy for captivating images from the past…

Introducing some of our historical specialists

World History Archive

An extensive picture archive that specialises in world heritage, featuring depictions of history, archaeology, warfare, religion, science, literature, music and art.

Illustration depicting Tsar Nicholas II (green uniform on horseback), with visiting French President Poincare, St Petersburg, 1914
World History Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Everett Collection Historical

Everett Collection was originally focused on the entertainment industry, with Mr Everett collecting stills from a huge variety of films. Over time, the collection has expanded, building up to become one of the industry’s leading sources of historical imagery.

Smoke rises from the World Trade Center's collapsed North Tower. On the left are the remains of a lower structure, WTC 6. A large flag is secured to a beam in the foreground. New York City, Sept. 16, 2001. (BSLOC_2015_2_84)
Everett Collection Historical / Alamy Stock Photo


Akg-images is a picture library that specialises in fine art, vintage and history photography, comprising a selection of images that are chosen for their historical and cultural significance.

9 1917 9 20 A1 Battle of Flanders wounded Ger soldiers World War 1 1914 18 Western Front Battle of Flanders 31st July beg Dec em
akg-images / Alamy Stock Photo


A collection of pictures covering a broad range of topics that go beyond what most people would class as a historical image.

Christmas truce 1914
Chronicle / Alamy Stock Photo

North Wind Picture Archives

Dating back to 1986, North Wind Picture Archives now has more than half a million history images covering a range of historical subjects. There’s plenty to discover in this wonderful archive.

Birds-eye view of Paris, circa 1900.
North Wind Picture Archives / Alamy Stock Photo

Find more from our specialist photographers and discover the best of our historical collection in our history category.

Click on the image below to explore more incredible moments from world history in our lightbox, hand-picked by our expert picture researcher…

Vintage photo c1912 of suffragettes with placards protesting in London as part of the campaign to win women the right to vote.
Archive Pics / Alamy Stock Photo

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