Discover 10 of the most popular hashtags on Instagram

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Find out what’s popular in the world of mobile photography with our new infographic!

Mobile photography is getting more and more popular, and with the help of social media apps it’s never been easier than it is today for photographers of all levels to share their images.

Millions of users take to mobile app Instagram every day to upload their photos, using hashtags to describe their images and help their content be more visible online. Keeping track of the most popular hashtags can be a great way of finding out what’s trending in the world of mobile photography – which can be really useful if you’re looking for new, relevant images or ideas for your design projects.

We’ve picked 10 of the most used Instagram hashtags of all time to demonstrate the variety of content photographers around the world are capturing and give you an insight into what types of images millions of online users are looking at and engaging with.

Our new infographic is downloadable and easy to share with your friends and colleagues online. Click here to see the full infographic.

10 of the most popular hashtags on Instagram

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