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Make the right colour choices for your 2018 projects as we reveal five of the hottest colour trends for the upcoming year.

According to The Spruce, colour has the power to affect “how we act, think and feel”, so it’s important to find the right colours to create the perfect mood for each room. With these five colour trends, you can be confident your 2018 projects will be a success.

Minimalist pastel colours

From tranquil blues, to soft pinks and neutral yellows, pastel colours and their minimalist feel will remain popular as we head into 2018.

Pastels offer the perfect setting for relaxation, a place to switch off, recharge and disconnect from the outside world. They give a balanced, neutral feel to a room, so whether it’s a bedroom, living room or a well-lit reading space, the soothing tones will calm your mood.

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2018 colours: pastel
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Described as the ‘IT colour of 2018’ by Trendir, black interiors are back on the scene. It’s long been used as a staple colour for kitchen cupboards or tiled flooring, but in 2018 it’s upping its game as black becomes the star of the show.

All-black walls are the ultimate statement for a modern interior, particularly effective when paired with lighter colours. If painting your walls black seems a little excessive, why not opt for some black accessories like artwork or a chandelier? Black pairs with nearly any colour palette, and it’s ideal for anyone looking to create a dramatic contrast in a room.

Black as a statement colour adds a contemporary feel to the room, whilst splashes of black throughout your home can have a grounding effect.

Stylish Oriental style bathroom with black lacquer decor, a boat shaped bathtub and leather pouffes with blue accent floor rug, 3d render
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2018 colours: black
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Vibrant blue and tech green

A playful combination inspired by innovation in technology across the world. The use of these lively colours within a room work to inspire and work seamlessly with more subtle, warming shades like greys, yellows and creams.

According to Elle Décor, the addition of dark, watery blues can up the feeling of connectivity in the room, whilst hues like lime green are great at punctuating a room.

2018 colours: vibrant blue & tech green
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Another of 2018’s statement colours, pink is on a mission to pack a punch as it becomes a power colour. Forget age-old stereotypes about pink being for girls – it’s a mood-enhancing colour that everyone can embrace! Using pink in your home brings positivity and helps to encourage feelings of happiness and optimism.

Whether you go for a subtle pastel or a vibrant millennial shade, paint the whole wall pink or add splashes of this uplifting colour throughout your home, it’s a must-have for 2018.

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2018 colours: Pink
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Calming blues and pale greens

The ultimate necessity for anyone who wants a place to unwind at home. These serene shades bring with them a feeling of tranquillity, making them the perfect tone for a room where you’ll unwind.

According to Freshome, blue is said to “bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate” whilst green has restful tendencies. Although ideal colours for bathrooms and bedrooms, warm blues and pale greens in the living room or kitchen can help to encourage relaxation.

These soothing shades of blue and green are so popular that Behr has named ‘In the Moment T18-15‘ as their first ever colour of the year.

Bedroom view. Clerkenwell Apartment, London, United Kingdom. Architect: APA London, 2016.
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2018 colours: pale blues and greens
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Take a look at our hand-crafted lightbox for a sneak peek at some more of 2018’s biggest interior design trends.

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