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Collection Highlights | Lisa Howeler | George Ward | Jill Hyland

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Explore the very best images on Alamy as we be bring you part 1 of this month’s collection highlights. From intriguing book covers to intimate, real-life moments captured on camera, you don’t want to miss these three breathtaking image collections.

Lisa Howeler | Lifestyle photographer

Lisa loves to capture real-life scenarios that depict how beautifully messy life can be. This natural, un-staged collection of imagery perfectly captures everyday moments and emotions.

See life through Lisa’s lense >

A salmon and rice dish presented plated at a restaurant.
Lisa Howeler / Alamy Stock Photo
Collection Highlights Lisa Howeler
Lisa Howeler / Alamy Stock Photo

George Ward | Landscape photographer

George’s stunning collection of landscape imagery details the vast natural beauty of the American landscape. George uses nature to aid his imagery, making the most of varied lighting and seasonal changes to landforms and scenery.

Discover the American landscape with George >

Barrel Cactus and theProvidence Mountains at Sunset,Mojave National Preserve, California
George Ward / Alamy Stock Photo
Collection highlights George Ward
George Ward / Alamy Stock Photo

Jill Hyland | Book covers

If you’re looking for the perfect image to complete your latest romance, sci-fi or thriller novels, you’ve come to the right place. Jill’s collection is packed full of atmospheric images suited to a range of genres, that’ll be sure to captivate the reader.

Take a closer look at Jill’s story >

Portrait of a young woman in a fascinator veil
Jill Hyland / Alamy Stock Photo
Collection highlights Jill Hyland
Jill Hyland / Alamy Stock Photo

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