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Farmyard Chickens
Lore Patterson / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo

Ready to discover your new favourite photographer? We’re back with this month’s brand new collection highlights featuring three of the very best image collections on Alamy.

We’re shining the light on three very different photographers, handpicked by our Director of Photography Alex Bortkiewiecz.  June’s featured collections range from engaging pastoral photography to precise and polished still life imagery.

Harry Collins | Wildlife photographer

A beautiful and engaging collection from award-winning wildlife photographer Harry Collins. He channels his passion for wildlife and conserving nature through his work, demonstrating the importance of animals for our existence.

Explore the natural world with Harry >

Bald Eagle
Harry Collins / Alamy Stock Photo
Harry Collins / Alamy Stock Photo
Harry Collins / Alamy Stock Photos

Hacob Khodaverdian | Still life and concepts photographer

An expert collection of still life imagery and concepts finished with technical precision. Hacob strives to continuously push the creative boundaries and follow his own path.

See Hacob’s interpretation of the everyday >

organic skin care cream or mask smeared isolated on white. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.
hacob khodaverdian / Alamy Stock Photo
Collection Highlights: Hacob Khodaverdian block
hacob khodaverdian / Alamy Stock Photo

Lore Patterson | Lifestyle, travel and nature photographer

Lore’s photography encapsulates a range of topics from home interiors to artisan farms, from a long and accomplished career.  For Lore, photography is like a form of meditation and creating images fulfils her creative needs.

Discover what Lore has to offer >

Lore Patterson / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo
Lore Patterson block
Lore Patterson / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo

Looking for more image inspiration? Head over to our Latest Imagery pages >

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