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Get your brand seen on social media with our awesome blog series designed to help you pick the best social sites for you!  In October we had a look at what Pinterest has to offer, and we’re back this month with the 2nd in our 4-part blog series to look at Twitter.

With more than 300 million active users, there must be something to gain from using the platform for business purposes, right? We’re here to give you the low-down on the perks and flaws of using Twitter for business, to help you decide if it’s right for you…

Twitter is good for…

  • Communicating with your customers in a ‘human’ way – it’s really easy to approach customers on Twitter and this is a great way to add a personal feel to your brand
  • Posting multiple messages on your feed – there are millions of Tweets posted every day so you can post a variety of content throughout the day
  • Sharing linksresearch has shown that posting links to new content from your website, particularly blogs, can help search engines pick up the new content faster than normal
  • Keeping it short and sweet – although the character limit was upped from 140 to 280 on 8th November, Twitter is a great place for to-the-point messages
  • Networking – there’s the potential to reach loads of different people on Twitter so it’s a great starting point for new businesses who are trying to spread the word

Twitter is not so good for…

  • Typos – there’s no edit button, so once you post your Tweet you only have 2 choices: live with the mistake, or delete and repost
  • Posting infrequently – as an ‘instant’ social platform, time investment for regular posting is required. Research suggests the optimum number of Tweets for a small or medium sized business is 11 per day
  • Hard selling – Twitter is a conversational tool. It’s all about listening, responding and being helpful to your followers. If you only want to promote your product or service, this isn’t the place to do it

Think Twitter sounds right for you? Once you’re set up, why not try…

Twitter ads

If you’ve got a bit of budget to use on social media this is a great way to target people who don’t know about you yet. You can get your message out to people in a specific location, target them based on their interests, or even based on what other businesses they engage with.

Just choose from one of these 6 objectives and then follow the campaign set-up process to get started.

twitter campaign objectives
Twitter campaign objectives

Some top tips to get the most out of Twitter for your business

  • Create a clear bio for your business so anyone visiting your profile knows what your company’s all about
  • Make the most of trending hashtags to get your posts seen by more people
  • Tag relevant people directly using their Twitter handle – this starts with an ‘@’ e.g. @Alamy
    Top tip: if you start your tweet with a Twitter handle, the Tweet will post directly on the profile of the Twitter user. To avoid this, start your tweet with a ‘.’ or a space
  • Post at least once a day so users can see that you’re active on the platform. If you don’t appear to be using the site, people won’t follow you
  • Use images in your Tweets to encourage people to engage
  • Meet your audience’s expectations – keep it relevant. If you start posting about random topics that don’t relate to your brand or industry, people will most likely lose interest and unfollow you
  • Engage – don’t be afraid to comment, like or retweet content – it’s a great way of upping your engagement levels and showing you’re active on the platform. Just keep it relevant so your audience stays interested!

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