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In need of fresh ideas on what to shoot? For this month’s stock photo requests we’ve been looking at themes perfect to shoot during the Christmas holiday. The list of requests comes from our customers and gaps we have spotted in the collection. We always get questions about what type of content to upload, so here’s a brilliant opportunity to get the right type of work in front of the right customers. Have a look, get creative and see if you can fill some of these gaps.

Celebration and life events

  • Christmas tree varieties in UK, including cut outs
  • Australian Christmas decorations (both inside and outside shots)
  • Tasteful and pretty, cottage style, Christmas settings

For greeting cards:

  • Creative images to represent graduation and celebration. They should not be too cheesy and include both model released images and shots without recognisable people in
  • Typical Australian Christmas imagery (outdoors, barbeque dinner, sunshine, beach, relaxed vibe, Christmas decorations at homes and in public spaces)

Food and drink

  • Gluten free supermarket in the UK
  • Salmiakki (Salty liquorice)
  • Wispa Mint
  • Christmas pudding

This is the perfect time to create seasonal food imagery. New imagery of Christmas food following the latest trends in food photography is needed in general and we can’t wait to see what you all manage to cook up.


  • An arm lying on the ground (body off the cover) with a retreating figure, murderer is walking away from the scene
  • Bullet holes cutout
  • Person tripping on carpet
  • Hand holding melting chocolate bar
  • Mic drop
  • Green bathroom tiles (or any other color) with suds on it
  • MR and RM images of a full body male figure with his back to the camera. Avoid being square on to the camera, the figure should be slightly turned to the left or right and should be walking or give a sense of motion. The man is a private detective wearing a trench coat. Don’t include umbrellas, bags or hats
  • Animal humour (for greeting cards)
  • Total silhouette (black), backlit, head and shoulders of a woman, outlined by light
  • MR image of woman with oil covering her face (olive oil etc)
  • MR picture of woman with polka dots on face (perhaps in the form of shadows) as a metaphor for spotty skin
  • More book cover variety eg. fantasy, botanical, nordic noir

Shooting concepts can be such a fun and experimental way of working with photography. I don’t know about you, but I have spent many of the dark and autumnal evenings inside catching up on moody Scandinavian crime dramas. If you can familiarise with this you should have plenty of inspiration and ideas for the above.

A good tip to follow is to get model and property releases whenever relevant. We would also recommend incorporating the latest trends into these images. Take a look at our blogs on New trends in concept photography and 5 Top Christmas Photography tips for inspiration.

If you’re uploading to fill any of these gaps then let us know in the comments below or tweet us!

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