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Best photography gift ideas

The festive season is nearly upon us and perhaps your mind is starting to think towards buying gifts so I thought I’d give some photography themed pointers.

My suggestions for photography gifts are unashamedly analogue, tactile and physical – though you’ll need the internet to source them!


A photobook can be a wonderful gift – to keep and treasure and browse through any time.  The choice of design and materials used for the book are integral to the photographs and art of the work.

One Day – Ten Photographers has contributors from some of my favourite photographers such as Martin Parr, Rinko Kawauchi and Jessica Backhaus. This photobook is a fascinating way to appreciate the distinctive styles of these photographers.

When I first saw Rinko Kawauchi’s work it just mesmerised me.  Her work is perfectly conceived for a photobook and you will find yourself transported to another world. I promise!

For a quirky, whimsical gift there is a series of books of iconic and lesser known photographs by contemporary photographers rendered in play-doh.  The artist Eleanor Macnair describes Photographs rendered in play-doh as her “strange tribute to photography”.

The perfect photobook gift for anyone who appreciates monochrome photography is Sequester by Dutch artist Awoiska van der Molen.  Her landscape photos are described as ‘sublime and mysterious’ appearing to ‘loom out of the darkness’.

The Guardian published a fascinating insight into what photography luminaries view as their favourite photobooks. Well worth a read.

For a great selection of lavishly produced books on photography and Monographs the publisher Thames and Hudson is an excellent source.

And finally, for a final flourish of inspiration, The Daily Telegraph has also done a roundup of what they consider some of the best coffee table photography books out this year.

Photography Exhibitions

This is a wonderful way for family or friends to be inspired and celebrate great photography. The Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition is at the Natural Museum and runs until April 2016, so a ticket to view the amazing images on show would make a great gift. In fact, there are quite a few exhibitions now on so why not peruse this list from the Telegraph that lists the best ones around.


The options are of course endless whether or not you are looking to pick up an old second hand film camera from a market or buy the latest DSLR offering.

But for buying unique cameras as gifts you cannot go wrong with the Lomography website.  Dedicated to creative and experimental photography the analogue way it provides an array of cameras including pinhole cameras and accessories starting at £35 to higher prices.  The cameras look great too and how can you not love cameras that are named Diana, La Sardina, Belair, Lubitel and Konstruktor?

Fine Art Prints

Buying a print from a favourite artist can be very rewarding and good investment though can be very pricey. This site is a great place to start.

There are also many superb photographers whose work can be purchased as fine art prints by going directly to their websites or via their gallery. Here are a few favourites:

I hope this post has given you some help for your photography gift ideas for this year. If you have any other suggestions feel free to let us know in the comments!