Stock photo requests – Animals and wildlife

A school of silversides swim through a mangrove forest.
National Geographic Creative / Alamy Stock Photo

In this month’s stock photo requests we’re focusing on wildlife. Delving into this year’s Alamy trend report you’ll find that animals and wildlife was one of the most prominent themes within the thousands of purchased imagery from our collection. A closer relationship to nature has become more important to us, perhaps because people in general need a rest from work, expectations, and a never ending demand from social media. The threats our environment are facing have never been more noticeable, and solutions for preserving our wildlife will also be a heated topic in the years to come.

And besides all that, who can help smiling when seeing a baby panda? Animals do make us happy which is why imagery of them are in high demand.

Below is a list of animals that our customers have searched for, but not been able to find enough images of within our collection. Take a look and see if you can fill any of those gaps!

  • Evarcha culicivora – commonly known as a “jumping spider” or “vampire spider” found in Kenya and Uganda.
  • Caerostris darwini – also known as Darwin’s bark spider
  • Gulf Corvina – fish found in the cooler northern waters of the Gulf of California and the Colorado River delta
  • Transgenic salmon aka AquAdvantage salmon (genetically modified)
  • Barreleye – also known as “spookfish”, found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans
  • Aerial shot of Basking shark
  • Frilled shark
  • Goblin shark
  • Brazilian treehopper – a little bug with a bizarre appearance…
  • California Condor chick
  • Capsid bug on apple
  • Chondrocladia lyra – a deep sea sponge also called Harp sponge
  • Cone snail – hunting for food
  • Craseonycteris thonglongyai – or Kitti’s hog-nosed bat as they are often called
  • Cycadothrips – type of insect
  • Porthetes – type of insect
  • Aerial shot of Dartmoor pony
  • Eriovixia gryffindori – a little spider that actually looks like the sorting hat from Harry Potter
  • Gangetic Dolphin – a south Asian freshwater dolphin found in the river Ganges
  • Indus River Dolphin – a south Asian freshwater dolphin found in the river Indus
  • Heterometrus swammerdami – also named the “giant forest scorpion”
  • Ixodes holocyclus – an Australian tick that have the ability to paralyse its host
  • Koko (the gorilla) – a female western lowland gorilla known for having learned a great deal of American sign language
  • Laysan albatross in California
  • Lesser Emperor dragonfly
  • Limacina helicina – a small sea snail also known as “sea butterflies”
  • New Zealand Mud snail
  • Phryganistria chinensis – a genus of stick insects belonging to the “giant stick” family
  • Puma concolor inside den
  • Rhopalotria – type of beetle

Ok, we realise that some of you might not fancy the risk of getting paralysed by ticks or diving into the deep blue only accompanied by sharks and your camera. Don’t worry, there are still opportunities out there. We’ve seen that lifestyle shots of pets have become increasingly popular too and we would love to see more pet imagery reflecting current lifestyle trends. Be patient, try different angles, get closer, include people and everyday situations, and finally, wait for that perfect light. We can’t wait to see your animal and wildlife imagery.

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