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All you need to know about 100% Students

Are you a creative arts student studying photography, illustration or something similar? Our 100% Students program is a great way to earn some money from your craft while you study. We give you all of the money from any sales you make through Alamy for two years; thereafter we pay our contributors up to 50% commission. There’s no limit to how much money you can earn or how many sales you can make. Whatever you sell, you get!

We’re passionate about investing in the next generation of talented photographers. That’s why we also travel to schools across the UK and US to talk to students about both buying and selling stock photography. Since we started the project in 2012, we’ve seen over 200,000 creative and well-produced images uploaded to Alamy from our student contributors.

Student photographers follow the exact same process as all our other contributors, the only difference being the commission split – you’ll still need to keyword, annotate all your own images and pass quality control.

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Why is Alamy the best place for students to sell their images?

You get 100% of the money

Yes, you read correctly, which makes this opportunity a no-brainer. This is unique to Alamy as no other agency is offering 100% commission – the industry average is 30% to the contributor.

You decide what you want to upload

Unlike other agencies, we don’t edit the content you send us; you decide what you want to shoot and sell. You’ve probably got lots of content already sitting on hard drives and I’m sure you’ve got lots of upcoming shoots as part of your studies so get them uploaded, tagged and let your images do the rest.

You remain in complete control

By uploading your content to Alamy, you still have full ownership and copyright of the images. We’ll just license them for you and send you the money from all sales. You can still have them on your own website or sell them elsewhere.

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How to sign up

  1. Check with your course leader to see if your college or university is registered. If it is then they should be able to give you a code.
  2. Sign up using your academic email address and you’ll see a yellow box pop up where you can enter your code.
  3. If your college or university isn’t registered yet, just ask your course leader to email us (students@alamy.com) and we can take it from there.

All images in this post are from our student photographers. We love to highlight our student collections. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to shoot or what to upload to Alamy then check out our student gallery pages here.

Corin Jones

With almost a decade's experience as a lifestyle-documentary photographer, Corin loves meeting new people and capturing precious moments in their life so that they can live on in permanence as a picture. Her eye for authenticity and beauty in the little things (literally sometimes – she does birth shoots) means she finds photogenic scenes in the everyday.

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