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The Preseli mountains, Wales, UK
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The Alamy 100% students scheme is an initiative we put together in order to provide some great earning and experience opportunities for students. Perfect if you’re just starting out in the world of photography. We provide a platform for students to start making money from the images they create, giving them experience in building a business from photography.

We believe that to be successful as a modern day photographer, you need to be skilled in multiple photographic disciplines. Stock photography may not be for everyone, but it should probably be something that most emerging photographers should at least trial. It can be a useful stream of income for work that you’re probably (or should be) doing anyway. Why keep images sat on your hard drive doing nothing when they could be with Alamy earning you money? After the initial submission process all the work is done – the images can keep ticking over and bringing in the revenue.

Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine.
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Different stock agencies will give you varying rates of commission however with the Alamy student scheme you will get the full 100% commission for 2 years. If you’re a student of photography then we think this is one of those ‘no-brainer’ type situations, you should definitely get on board. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. It helps you get into a professional frame of mind

After graduating, assuming you still want to be a photographer, you’re going to need to start earning money and what better way to do so than by taking pictures? Submitting images via the Alamy students scheme doesn’t mean your images get sectioned off into some sort of ‘lite’ area of the site, you’ll be mixing it up with the big boys and girls who are already selling in this industry, i.e your competition. To be successful in stock it’s not just about ability to take a technically good image, you’ll have to start researching what the market wants and how you can provide the right images. You’ll be looking to maximise profits too, so you’ll need to start thinking about your incoming revenue and outgoing costs. This is all good business preparation.

2. You’ve got lots of content already

If you’ve spent the last 3 years honing your skills with your camera, you’ve probably (hopefully) got a whole bunch of images sitting on a hard drive. Chances are, lots of these could be used for stock. Get them uploaded and keyworded and enjoy some reward for all that hard work you’ve already done.

Subway Carriage
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3. At Alamy, you’re getting 100% commission – this is unique!

Sure, you can submit to loads of different agencies and stock sites but we’re the only ones who will give you the full 100% commission on any sales you make for a whole 2 years. Make the most of this opportunity and it can be extremely lucrative for you.

4. You still retain full ownership and copyright of your images

By submitting images to Alamy students, you’re not signing any rights away and remain in full control of your work. We don’t tie you into any lengthy or restrictive contracts. The images are yours and will remain so.

an interpertation of being scottish to me as scotland has a smoking problem due to the number of deaths
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People sometimes ask us, “what’s in it for you?”. Well, we love going out to the different universities and engaging with students. It keeps us on our toes and allows us to keep up to date with all the emerging photography talent. We get a good feeling about giving opportunites to photographers who are just beginning their journey into the business and it allows us to represent exciting and fresh new content. Is your univeristy signed up yet? If not, let us know via and we’d be happy to get the ball rolling and get you on board!

Want more information on the Alamy 100 students scheme? It’s all here.

All images in this post were submitted via Alamy students.


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