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Alamy QC. How it works – updated for 2017

With the introduction of our new Alamy Image Manager we’ve made some changes to the way Quality Control (QC) works.

Our QC policy is still the same – you can still send us anything you want so long as it meets our technical criteria.

We have a three star ranking system that is based on your QC history and how often you pass or fail QC. The more stars you have the more quickly you pass QC.

  • If you’ve got three stars you’re doing really well and your submissions will be looked at as quickly as we possibly can.
  • A two star ranking and you’re nearly there, just be sure to take the time to really check those images to gain that extra star.
  • One star means you fail QC a lot and your work takes longer to be looked at. If you do fail, your account will be frozen for 10 days before you can upload images again. For more information on passing QC click here.

You can see your QC rank in your ‘Alamy dashboard’.

It’s easy to get 3 stars. All you need to do is make sure you‘ve read through and understand our guidelines on our Contributor Homepage.

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