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Are you an Alamy contributor with a burning question? Perhaps you’re a newbie just starting out and you’re getting to grips with our system. Or maybe you haven’t registered with Alamy yet but you want to understand the ins and outs of Alamy in more detail first. Well, there are lots of ways you can find the answers so here’s a quick rundown. Before I get started though, I really want to emphasise this:

Please don’t contact our customer service (sales) team either by phone or via email. The team there won’t be able to help with contributor questions and they’re there for customers – if you do contact them you’ll literally be taking our sales team away from selling your images. It’ll be much easier (and you’ll get a quicker resolution) by following one (or all) of the steps below:

Our contributor relations team
We have an expert team on hand to help you, and get this, during UK business hours you’ll get a reply to your email within 30 minutes! Considering we have 60k active contributors we think that’s pretty impressive. Perhaps even the best in the industry? Alamy Contributor Relations don’t have a phone line and we find that the vast majority of queries can be dealt with by email. However, if we find a call would be the best option to clear something up then we will give you a call.
Email the CR team –

@AlamyContent on Twitter
Head over to Twitter and follow us – @AlamyContent, a twitter feed just for Alamy contributors. We always tweet back to any questions asked and as an added bonus you’ll find all the latest picture needs, insider info and photography trends. This is a great way to keep up to date with all things Alamy as well as asking us your questions.
Follow us on Twitter – @AlamyContent

Contributor help pages
Our help pages are jam packed full of information. We go into why Alamy is the best place to sell your stock imagery, including info on licence types, payments and how to upload.  There are sections about selling stock images, live news and vectors and also a FAQs section which will help you track down the answer to your question quickly.
Head over to our help pages –

The Alamy forum
Another great way to get the answer to your Alamy questions is from other Alamy contributors. Join thousands of other contributors already engaging with each other on our forum. You can use your Alamy log in to sign-in and get discussing!
Join the Alamy forum –

For more contributor help and articles of interest, make sure you also check out our “For Contributors” section of this very blog!


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