Alamy Content Pictures of the Week #2

Beautiful woman taking picture outdoors with a analog camera
Erik Reis / Alamy Stock Photo

Is it just me or has the last week flown by? We’re already onto our second ‘Pictures of the Week’ blog post, and my, what a week it’s been. Over 900 thousand images have been uploaded from sporting events to foodie flat lays – we’ve received it all…

Siblings using mobile phone on bed
Wavebreak Media ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: Authentic lifestyle imagery is a continuing trend in stock photography and incorporating technology in lifestyle images gives them a current edge. We need more images of people interacting with technology and this is a great example of the type of imagery we’re after.

Rome, Italy. 4th Feb, 2018.. Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy. Rbs Six Nations 2018. Italy versus England. England Supporter in action during the match Italy versus England at Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Credit: marco iacobucci/Alamy Live News
marco iacobucci / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: When photographing sporting events for Alamy Live News, of course we need shots of the game itself but images of crowds are also incredibly popular with editorial customers. People in fancy dress, cheering, laughing and enjoying the game are great to illustrate the atmosphere of a sporting event.

Bouquet of fresh pink roses media
Iaroslav Danylchenko / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: Images taken from different perspectives are very on trend and it’s easy to see why. Point of view images, high overhead aerial views, wide angled shots, close ups and images from underneath are great ways to increase the drama and create an eye catching photograph that will set images apart from the crowd. This image is a fantastic point of view (pov) shot but if you’d like more inspiration check out this lightbox.

Chocolate pancakes with syrup and berries, chocolate granola, milk and eggs. Breakfast concept
Nina Firsova / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: With pancake day in the UK just a day away, how could I not include this image? If you weren’t hungry when you started reading this blog post then I guarantee you will be now. If a food pic makes you want to reach through your screen and devour it’s contents then it’s a successful image in my eyes…

group of friends having fun in the swimming pool
fabio formaggio / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: As we mentioned in last weeks post, Aerial imagery is a continuing trend in the world of stock photography and we just love the bright colours in this image that really bring it to life.

If 5 images isn’t enough, you can view more wonderful submissions from the past week here. Feeling motivated to get uploading? If you submit any images you think would be perfect candidates for our next ‘Pictures of the Week’ post, tweet the image refs to @AlamyContent with the hashtag ‘#AlamyPOTW’ and we’ll consider them for the feature.

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