Alamy Content Pictures of the Week #15

Thailand, Bangkok, two friends riding tuk tuk taking pictures with an old camera
Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Last week we had another bank holiday here in the UK so we’ve got 2 weeks worth of images saved up for our most recent installment of pictures of the week and we’re excited to share them with you…

cropped shot of father and daughter holding hands and having fun together in autumn parkMW9JRJ cropped shot of father and daughter holding hands and having fun together in autumn park
LightField Studios Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: One continuing trend within the world of stock photography that we regularly talk about is images taken from alternative perspectives. This image is a great point of view (pov) shot but there are load of other angles you could use within your photography to change it up a bit. Close ups, high overhead aerial views, images from underneath, and wide angled shots are great ways to set your photographs apart from the crowd by increasing the drama to create an eye catching image. Check out this lightbox for some more inspiration.

Ripe Organic Cut in Half Strawberries Kiwi Pineapple Mango Papaya Citrus Fruits Bananas Pattern on Yellow Background. Bright Sunny Colors. Flat Lay Ar
2light / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: Top view images with flat lay compositions are quickly growing in popularity. We love the bright colours of this shot and with the heat we’ve had in the UK this weekend, we’d do anything to be able to reach into this image and gobble up the delicious looking fresh fruit in real life.

03 June 2018, Germany, Nuerburg: A young woman stands on the shoulders of a spectator during the performance of the US-American punk band Rise Against on the main stage at the music festival 'Rock am Ring'. Photo: Thomas Frey/dpa
dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: Festival season is upon us and we are super excited to see lots of great shots coming through. If you’re wanting to get snapping away at your favourite festival this year then have a read of our blog highlighting how to get the most from your festival photography.

Gold poster in kid's open space interior with canopied cradle and teddy bear in a basket on pouf
Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: Getting interiors photography to look good isn’t an easy task but we think this photographer has done a great job with this light and airy image. We’ve put together 10 tips to help you improve your interiors photography if you fancy giving it a go.

Boy sitting in kitchen eating his breakfast in morning light
RooM the Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: Oh look, here we go talking about authentic lifestyle imagery again but it’s a personal favourite trend of mine and it’s continuing to grow in popularity within the stock world. Candid images showing real people and real emotions are quickly overtaking more classic ‘stocky’ shots in terms of popularity and this image is a perfect example of a beautiful, candid image with a super authentic feel.

If 5 images aren’t enough you can view a bunch of great images submitted in the last 2 weeks here. Motivated to get uploading this week? If you submit any images you think would be perfect candidates for our next ‘Pictures of the Week’ post, tweet the image refs to @AlamyContent with the hashtag #AlamyPOTW and we’ll consider them for the feature.

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