Alamy Content Pictures of the Week #1

Senior woman taking pictures with vintage camera. Travel background
Guillermo Avello / Alamy Stock Photo

Welcome to the first of our ‘Pictures of the Week’ blogs. In this new blog series we’ll be highlighting some of our favourite images that have been uploaded over the past 7 days, in a celebration of the amazing content being submitted by our contributors. With over 549 thousand images being uploaded last week it was no mean feat whittling it down to my top 5, but without further ado, here’s a spotlight on some of the wonderful pics that have passed through the Alamy gates this week:

redhead woman sitting in lotus pose in clay shop
Albert Shakirov / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: We love the way this image uses the complementary colour harmony of red and green to draw and hold attention to the subject in the photograph. The image also has an authentic, unfiltered feel which is very popular with our customers.

African elephant (Loxodonta africana) drinks at a waterhole,Nxai Pan National Park,Ngamiland District,Botswana
imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: Wildlife imagery is always popular with our customers but this image is so much more than your regular elephant snap. This shot is harnessing pastel colours which are set to be a big trend in 2018 and using a reflection to incorporate the colour throughout the entire image which gives it that ‘wow’ factor.

Aerial view of winter road in snowy forest. Drone captured shot from above.
Dawid Zebrowski / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: Aerial imagery is a continuing trend in the stock photography world and we loved the composition of this shot. If you’re wanting to take some aerial shots for your collection, get some inspiration here.

Italy, San Ferdinando/ Rosarno - January 27, 2018 Fire in the migrats tents. A woman dead, many wounded and hundreds without accommodation Each year during the orange picking season, thousands of migrants from Africa and some Eastern Europe come to Rosarn
ROPI / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: The key to a great live news image is that it needs to be striking enough to cause a reaction, be of the moment, and be able to stand on its own and we think this image has all of that in abundance.

Flatlay of pink strawberry and coconut ice cream scoops, sweet cones and peony flowers bouquet over white background, top view, copy space. Summer foo
Anna Ivanova / Alamy Stock Photo

Why we think this is great: This image is wonderful example of flat lay photography, and leaves ample ‘copy space’ in the center for clients to use for text etc. One of our current #AlamyPicNeeds is shots taken directly overhead, the subject matter could be anything from cities to still life but the important thing is that there’s no tilt at all, the image needs to be from directly above.

If 5 images isn’t enough, you can view more great submissions from the past week here. Feeling motivated to get uploading? If you submit any images you think would be perfect candidates for our next ‘Pictures of the Week’ post, tweet the image refs to @AlamyContent with the hashtag ‘#AlamyPOTW’ and we’ll consider them for the feature.

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