5 awkward things that are only acceptable at Christmas

A 3 year old girl with a sad face holding a plaque with the message Dear santa is it too late to be good?
ACORN 1 / Alamy Stock Photo

Christmas – a magical time of year to celebrate with all your family and friends. So why does this festive time of year make us do things we’d never do at any other time of the year?

We’ve picked out 5 of the most stereotypical images that perfectly capture the awkwardness only Christmas can bring. Happy holidays from all at Alamy!

1. Decorating your pet 

Why stop at the Christmas tree when you can get the family pet involved in the festive fun? Nothing says enjoyment quite like the fear in this pug’s eyes!

Pug Wrapped in Christmas Lights
Jesse Kunerth / Alamy Stock Photo

2. Secretly crying as you hold up your new jumper with pride

Unless you’re really lucky, there’s bound to be one present that makes you cry a little inside when you open it. But it’s from your Great Auntie Val, so you grit your teeth and smile as you thank her for the lovely gift!

A man opening Christmas presents to discover he got a Christmas themed jumper to go along with the usual socks and tie.
RTimages / Alamy Stock Photo

3. Using the kitchen utensils as props

Whether it’s to help with the film you’re re-enacting in charades, or it forms part of your uncle’s bad joke, at some point (usually after a few drinks), someone will stop using their wine glass for its intended purpose and turn themselves into a fly…

A man in a Christmas hat makes glasses out of some wine glasses
Nick Moore / Alamy Stock Photo

4. Making absolutely sure every family member is part of the festive fun

It’s Christmas time and we’re all going to enjoy it… or at least we’re going to try! This adorable little man is involved whether he likes it or not.

A Crying Infant Wearing A Santa Claus Outfit
Design Pics Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

5. Having one too many drinks at your office Christmas party…

When a civilised Christmas drink with your colleagues turns into 2, 3, 4… We all know that one guy in the office who’s quiet all year, until Christmas when he becomes the life and soul of the party, gathering up a group of co-workers to join them on a ‘work night out’.

Aberystwyth, Wales, UK. 16th December 2016. People out in Aberystwyth on ?Booze Black Friday' or ?Mad Friday', the last working Friday before Christmas when workers celebrate with their colleagues . Alcohol sales in pubs, clubs and off-licences rise
keith morris news / Alamy Stock Photo

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