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3 ways to optimise your blog with images

Are you looking for an image to use on your blog and don’t know where to start? We’ve put together 3 top tips to help optimise your blog with images including:

1. What type of image you should be using
2. How to use the image including file sizes, credit lines and SEO best practice techniques
3. How to license the image, how much it will cost and what you need to pay for

1. What type of image should you be using?

• Keep it relevant – make sure the images you choose are relevant to your blog, whether that is literally or conceptually. Always keep your audience in mind, they need to connect with the words and pictures.
• Pick your lead image carefully – this is the image that will sit at the top of the blog, and most likely the image that will appear automatically when your blog is shared on social media. It needs to do 2 main jobs, help show the reader what the blog is about and make them want to click and share it.
• Think about the layout – if your blog is short (under 500 words), then just a lead image will work, but if you have a longer blog then try using images to break up blocks of text and make it easier to read.
• Don’t be afraid to change them if they don’t work – the best way to figure out what works for your audience and what doesn’t is to test, test, test! Change the images and see which one encourages the most clicks, you can also test when you share your blog on social sites.

2. How to use the image

• Buy the right file size – once you’ve chosen your image you need to make sure you have the right file size.  If you’re stuck on what file size you need you can read our blog, or give us a call and we can help you out.
• Think about SEOprepare your images for SEO to help increase the chances of your blog being found on search engines. Top tips are to always have a caption and alt text.
• Make sure you credit the photographer or agency – it’s best practice to credit either the photographer, the agency or both when you’re using stock imagery.

3. How to license the image

• Make sure you buy the right license – if you’re planning on sharing your blog make sure your license also includes social media use. On Alamy you can buy a price package for web use which covers everything.
• Think about releases – If your blog is editorial you don’t need a release, but if you’re using it to promote your product or it covers sensitive topics you might need a release for any people or property in your image. You can find out more about releases on our website or get in touch with us and we can help you out.

You might think buying an image for a blog post seems a bit pointless or expensive, but be careful if you’re using free images from Google or other sources. You need to make sure you always have the right permissions before you use an image otherwise you could end up in some trouble down the line. For more information about the permissions you need and what images you can use for free read our blog Is it safe to use Google Images?

We’ve talked about what kind of images can help you make your social media campaigns a success too, read more now in our blog The best images to use in your social media campaigns.