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Get creative with your images and enhance the delivery of your message with the simple addition of some text! All you need to add text to your images is some photo-editing software like Photoshop, or you can visit a website like Fotor, and you’re set. Read on for 3 great benefits of overlaying text on your images…

  1. An extra chance to reinforce key messages

Adding an overlay to your image gives you an opportunity to take the key message in your project – whether it’s an email campaign, social media post or web page – and make it stand out. It’s so easy for messages to get lost, especially if you’ve got a lot of text or if they’re part of a long piece of content. But if you’re kicking your content off with a header image or hero shot, adding an overlay gives you the opportunity to let your audience know your most important message before they even start reading your content.

  1. A clear call to action can increase conversions…

Make it easy for your audience to know what you want them to do by adding your call to action to your hero image! We’re all guilty of including numerous links in our content, asking people to do this and do that, and without realising it we’ve actually added 6 extra call to actions that we didn’t even consider when we started out. This can be confusing for everyone reading your post, and without clear direction about which action they should take, many people will just not take any action.

Whether you want people to head to a page on your website, start searching your products, or check out your latest blog post, picking out the key action you want your users to take and adding it to an image will give users clear instruction on what you want them to do.

  1. Easy-to-share content

Adding text to your images makes a nice compact and simple piece of content that can be shared quickly and easily. It’s a great way of delivering a short message that can be simply forwarded via email or shared on social media. Some handy uses for this type of content include seasonal greetings or celebrating company milestones.

Here are a couple of things to think about before you create your overlay:

  • Copy space – you need to pick an image that has enough space to fit your text on. It’s important to have some clear space so the text can be easily read, without blending into the image or people’s attention being drawn away by what’s going on in the image. Check out our copy space lightbox for some inspiration!
  • Branding – whether you’re creating a standalone piece of content or editing the hero image on the top of your blog, keeping the font and colours consistent with your brand is a strong way of creating an overlay that complements the look and feel of all your other content.

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