3 creative project ideas for photography lovers

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Discover how versatile stock photography can be with our ideas for getting creative at home!

You don’t have to be a photographer to be able to enjoy the creative spirit of a photograph. Here are 3 fun ways you can use stock images to create something awesome…

1. Use stock images for creative personal projects

Make your own mugs, t-shirts, cakes or anything else!

No matter what you’re working on, stock images can be a great addition to your projects. Get inventive with how you use stock and use images to create personalised gifts for your friends and family. Make your own personalised mug, greetings card, t-shirt or bag – you can even put your favourite image on a marshmallow! To make it nice and easy for you, our personal use license covers you for using an image in any of these one-off projects.

Remember: if you want to create multiple items e.g. 50 personalised mugs, to sell on stores like Etsy or eBay, you’ll need to buy a commercial goods license. Contact our customer service team if you want any help on this.

Glass pebbles and message card
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Add a background or border to an online photo album

Turn your online photo albums into a creative project and spruce up your pages. Whether you’re keeping your album online or going to get it professionally printed, adding the right background or surrounding an image with the perfect border can bring a surge of new life to your images.

Our backgrounds category is packed full of creative ideas to get you started!

Frame photos of woman using phone and tablet set in coffee shop concept on table wood background. vintage filtered.
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2. Create a bespoke wallpaper or wall art

Have you got a picture frame you need to fill, a wall to liven up or a whole room to decorate? Whatever your project at home, stock images can help you get inspired and could be the ideal interior design solution. We’ve put a couple of ideas below to get you started:

Print an image and put in a frame

Stock images can be a great alternative to a painting or other artwork, and it means you can choose exactly the right image to suit the theme or mood of the room.

We’ve partnered with to give you a seamless way of getting your stock images printed, framed and delivered to your door!  We’ve created an awesome image category called ‘Images for print’ to give you some inspiration, or you can check out our blog for all the info you need on using

Living room - on the wall empty picture frames - 3D illustration
Niksa Batinic / Alamy Stock Photo

Decorate your child’s room

We’ve got a great selection of vectors and illustrations that are perfect for children. You can buy an image with the personal use license and get it printed or, if you’re an artistic type (or know a good decorator) you can give our customer service team a call and buy the image to use as artistic reference. This means you can buy an image to use as inspiration for your own artwork, so you can use the image as the design for your child’s bedroom wall!

Penguin colorful drawn on urban wall decoration
celia medel san millan / Alamy Stock Photo

Create a bespoke wallpaper

Did you know: you can use stock images to create bespoke wallpaper designs? Create something a little bit different by choosing your favourite stock image and using it to create your very own wallpaper! There are loads of places to look for inspiration, so whether you want a photograph, illustration or vector image head over to our categories page now!

Modern creative graphic texture design digital contemporary art
theendup / Alamy Stock Photo

3. Personalise your invitations

Get creative with your invitations, postcards or anything else you might be sending out to your friends, family or colleagues! Whether you choose a cool typography image, pick some illustrations to decorate with or go all out for a full-page image, you’ll create something unique and personalised for your guests.

Close up of invitation card. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.
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