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25 of the most awesome golden hour images you’ll ever see

Explore the majestic light of the golden hour

The golden hour is that time just after sunrise and just before sunset. It’s the most beautiful light you can get on any given day, and a time when you’ll likely see a photographer out and about somewhere.

Called the golden hour, by virtue of the reddish, golden light emitted at this time of day, it’s also characterised by long shadows and a majestic glow as the sun begins its descent or ascent (depending on the time of day) past the horizon.

This kind of light lends itself to great imagery partly because the golden lighting is undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing, but it also naturally creates a soft contrast in images as the sun is quite low and not as harsh as it in midday, therefore giving you an eye-pleasing balance of light throughout the image.

If you’ve not taken walks during this time of day, then hopefully this gallery of images will encourage you do so, because the golden hour really is a special time of day. After all, it’s also called the magic hour by some.

Golden hour around the world

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