Alamy’s 20th anniversary – the history of Alamy


Isn’t it weird how time can just pass by us like this without feeling like much has changed? I suppose it’s a symptom of modern life; where does one find the time for introspection? But if you do manage to stop and reflect for a moment, you’d realise that a lot has changed, progress is made, dreams were realised.

When James West and Mike Fischer first started Alamy, they had the ambitious mission of building the world’s most diverse stock photo library while wanting to pay contributors fairly. A mission that aims to satisfy two vastly eclectic parties with a single stroke. The astonishing thing is, that philosophy hasn’t changed even a little bit.

So how did Alamy make it through the age of Tamagotchis and fanny packs all the way through to the days where you knew what everyone was eating? Also, on fanny packs…anyone notice how they’re slowly coming back?

We’ve put together an infographic that highlights the milestones of Alamy’s first two decades. We’re even more excited as we look ahead to our next decade.

Infographic showing important milestones during the history of Alamy (a stock photo library)



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