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15 captivating images of schools around the world

We’re celebrating International Children’s Day as we travel round the world to explore what schooling is like for children all over the world. According to the Population Reference Bureau, more than one quarter of the world’s population is under 15 years old, meaning there’s a whole lot of school-aged children in the world!

So, whilst children in the UK are having a rest during the half term break, we wanted to explore what life is like for children worldwide both in and out of the classroom. We’ve picked out 15 images that show just how precious education is and the lengths some incredible children will go to just to get to school…

Before students can learn, they have to get to school first…for these children the local bus isn’t an option.

1. In the Philippines these students ride a bamboo raft to their school in the Rizal Province.

Rizal Province, Philippines. 2nd June, 2014. Students ride a bamboo raft on their way to a remote elementary school in Rizal Province, the Philippines, June 2, 2014. More than 23 million students returned to school on Monday for the first day of classes f
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2. These school children in Siem Reap, Cambodia don’t have the safest journey to school either.

School children leaving school on Tonle Sap Lake near Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Once they’ve arrived at school it’s all about the classroom and the lessons.

3. It’s a very colourful lesson for these children in rural India.

indian rural Teacher woman Teaching Children
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4. These children in Lijiang, China are being taught the traditional art of calligraphy.

Teacher and pupil at traditional calligraphy school. Lijiang, China
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5. This group of boys are dressed in a traditional Peruvian school uniform in their classroom in Huilloc Valley, Peru.

Peru, Huilloc, Boys in school classroom. Credit as: Dennis Kirkland / Jaynes Gallery / DanitaDelimont.com
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6. These children at the Maori Primary School are in an AIDS Education class.

Zimbabwe, Mashonaland Central, Robert´s Range. May 2010. Maori Primary School, a man teaching an AIDS Education class.
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7.  This elementary school has an amazing view into the mountains surrounding Muzzafarabad in Pakistan.

lesson in elementary school in the mountains surrounding Muzzafarabad in Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan. Image shot 04/2006. Exact date unknown.
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8. A group of young children are getting creative in an art class in Kolkota, India.

India, West Bengal state, Kolkota, Art in All of Us activity, drawing with small children
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9. At this charity-run school in Ethiopia this group of children are eagerly waiting to be picked to answer the question!

Children smile and put up their hand eagerly to answer a question in the classroom of a charity run school.. Image shot 12/2007. Exact date unknown.
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Time to step outside the classroom and explore what kids around the world do for fun at school…

10. It’s playtime for these school children in Kibosho Primary School in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. What a beautiful view.

School children in Kibosho Primary School Kilimanjaro Region Tanzania. Image shot 07/2004. Exact date unknown.
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10. Some young Shaolin Kung Fu students are stood on the steps of their school in China, ready for the opening ceremony of Zhengzhou International Wushu Festival.

Young Shaolin Kung Fu students on the steps of their school at the opening ceremony of Zhengzhou International Wushu Fetival in
Oleksiy Maksymenko Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

11. School children from New York City play on the hills in Washington Square Park.

New York, NY - 10 June 2014 - Students from PS 41 play on the hills in Washington Square Park © Stacy Walsh Rosenstock/Alamy
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12. A group of students in Havana, Cuba get active during gym class on the road.

Havana, Cuba, gym class a class on the road
Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Stock Photo

13. A group of girls from a school in Cape Town, South Africa take part in a relay race.

Girls running relay race, St Georges School, Cape Town, South Africa
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14. School children in Newbury, England are enjoying a game of football on a rare sunny day.

The Winchcombe School, Newbury, United Kingdom. Architect: Architype Limited, 2012. View across playground and school garden wit
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