Ball,Parry Fountain, Bridge St, Warrington, Cheshire, England, UK - Detail images of boys killed by IRA bombing 20/03/1993

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Tony Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: DE9AMP
This is a un-conventional fountain which works as a mini-canal. Water flows from a large pool at one end, down a winding holder and is poured over a formation at the end. The structure is concrete, headed by a bronze moulding which includes marine life. The 'bowl' into which the water finally flows, also bronze, is raised and contains a large number of children's hand prints. Around the side are a number of photographs of Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball, printed on copper. Sculptor - Stephen Broadbent Inaugurated by / her royal highness / The Duchess of Kent and / accompanied by the families of / Jonathan Ball / and / Tim Parry / 14 Nov 1996 / The water of life made possible / by a donation from / his grace the Duke of Westminster / OBE TD.THEN HE SHOWED ME THE RIVER AND THE WATER OF LIFE SPARKLING LIKE CRYSTAL AS IT FLOWED FROM THE THRONE OF GOD AND OF THE LAME / IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET OF THE CITY AND ON EITHER BANK OF THE RIVER / GREW THE TREE OF LIFE, BEARING TWELVE FRUITS, A DIFFERENT KIND FOR EACH MONTH / THE LEAVES OF THE TREE WERE FOR THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS, NOTHING THAT HAS CURSED MANKIND WILL EXIST ANY LONGER. Revelations, chapter 22, verse 43./ WARRINGTON REMEMBERS JONATHON BALL AGED 3, TIM PARRY AGED 12 AND ALL / WHO SUFFERED / AS INNOCENT VICTIMS OF A TERRORIST BOMB, BRIDGE STREET 20TH MARCH 1993 See more at:
Location: Bridge st, Warrington, Cheshire, England, UK