Andreas Leibezeit with his 1986 P601 Trabant and original DDR Tent attachment.

- Image ID: PJ53C3
Craig Stennett / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: PJ53C3
Andreas Leibezeit a German national now working in Switzerland has driven his Trabant P601made in 1986 from his home in Zurick to Moscow travelling through Poland, Lithuania and Lapland on route. The return trip took him through the Ukraine and Czechoslovakia a total of 6300kilometers in 2 weeks. Next year he plans to take his car to the the North Pole and back through Murmansk and St Petersburg eventually leading to home in Switzerland. 'The beuty of the trabant is it‘s mechanical simplicity. You can repair it at the side of the road yourself.' comments Andreas. He also sleeps in the original roof dent which is pictured designed in the DDR for the Trabant, The top and sides of the tent fold down onto a solid wood flooring bolted to the car‘s frame.
Location: Zwickau, Germany