An elistair Tethered Drone System for Military and Commercial Applications, providing a full LTE and VoLTE network in the Sky.

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John Gaffen / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: P46GR1
Tethered Drones are ideal for providing unlimited autonomy, power and data transfer, safely enabling persistent coverage for a wide variety of applications. Use cases for our UAV stations include: Law enforcement: Tethered drones are substantial assets for security forces, as they provide real-time broad views of a given area, facilitating decision-making processes and considerably reducing risks taken. Space saving, persistent and quick to deploy they can be settled upstream as prevention assets, or on demand to handle emergency situations. : Tethered UAVs can be quickly deployed by a single operator in a matter of seconds, to give an immediate and overall view of the area. They provide persistent coverage for police, first responders and crisis response that is both more discreet and more cost-effective than manned aircraft. Tethered drones can provide continuous aerial surveillance, both day and night. They can be easily carried, deployed quickly with little or no piloting skills and can fly for several hours consecutively. Real-time images are provided instantly and securely through the tether, allowing defense units to make quick decisions using detailed knowledge of their environment. ethered drones are critical assets for emergency operations. They offer an immediate view across inaccessible areas, in most weather conditions, helping teams to spot dangers and victims, and coordinate an appropriate response. They can be deployed for long-term operations, either covering large areas for several hours, or focusing steadily on specific areas that require precise analysis ethered drones can create temporary, wide-range networks for propagation of cellular, Wi-Fi, high-frequency radio and 3G/4G signals.
Location: ExCel, London, UK